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my daily traveling is from home to office is 150km ( To & Fro), 2 hrs in morning and 2hrs in eve, aprox 50 km in city and 100 km on highway, my hight is 6 feet1inch, I need a car which give me best mileage, no maintenance, best in safety, good in speed and power, and it must be comfortable, my budget is max 8 to 10 lacs & can compromise in range of 12 to 13 lacs, kindly suggest me New and Used cars in this Budget. i want to keep car for next 5 to 8 years. also don't want to open its hood on road. Deepak Sharma VP HR at MNC new delhi
By Deepak Sharma 09 September 2010

The best vechile is Toyato Innova. mileage is best vechile is also good and safety, vechile range is 11lacs without stero system, if u want with stero system the range is 12lacs.mny colours is their,seating capacity is 8+1, pls take a new vechile, maintenance is very nice,extra expenses is not more, but in Ford Endiver extra expenses is more and pls think as then choose a best vechile, good luck sir.

Answer by Sudhir Aparanji 09 September 2010

I agree with Sudhir..He Suggested best option.

Answer by Mangesh 09 September 2010

TOYOTA INOVA is best option at present.
you can drive 250,000 km with out any problem.

Answer by Babu Senan 09 September 2010

i disagree with the rest ,i do not find innova suitable with your image its not a vehicle to be self driven .according to me toyota carolla altis diesel will be the most suitable option or as you ve mentioned used car then try to get chevy cruze or skoda superb.very good cars and if u want an suv then try safari .my safari runs 250 kms average 4 days a week and the rest three days its an endevour but my safari needs less maintainance in comparision. my first choice would be altis d.

Answer by Rajiv 09 September 2010

I feel that either the Innova or the Xylo should be your choice as they are comfortable, safe and with a high road clearance which is sometimes very useful on our highways. If you are looking for a sedan then Manza or the Dzire would be ideal.

Answer by Yogesh 09 September 2010

what most people have failed to notice is that the person asking this question is vice president of an mnc not a call centre executive who's going to travel in an innova better go for a 10lacs+ segment diesel car . corolla diesel or skoda laura .

Answer by Raj 09 September 2010

Chevrolet Cruze is the car for in speed and power in this range and also fuel efficient being a diesel car.It will also go with your image of being a VP of an MNC.
Best of luck.
Happy cruzing.....

Answer by Tarun Patel 09 September 2010

from 2005 to 2009 , 4 yrs i drove Elantra CRDI 1.5 L km, it was no complaint car, safety fetures like Executive class - air bag + ABS + TCS + EBD, which now we cant find in same price band, 2008 it was stolen - lucky fellow, now looking for a car, innova is good one but my family dont like it, what you say can get a lux car with same fetures as elantra had if i try for new one or can i get Merc or equal in 10 to 13 Lacs if i spend - i am too confuse - because expectation are high. guide me friends.

deepak sharma

Answer by Deepak Sharma 09 September 2010

for you i hope volkswagen vento is the right choice, have a look.

Answer by Javaraju 09 September 2010

By looking at your 'English', it seems you're either illiterate or Bhojpuri/Malay is your first language. I think this VP is fake.

Answer by Ram 09 September 2010

a used merc will not be a good idea bcoz in the pricerange uve mentioned u wont get the latest model and when it comes to this segment those who can afford do not drive outdated models that is the reason there is very high depreciation in this class .an x5 depreciates by 30% in one year this is my own experience .what i would suggest is u go for corolla diesel new or used skoda superb which is an exceptionally luxurious car with almost all features a merc far as some ram shyam are concerned we shouldnt react to comments which are made out of jealousy and are judgemental .

Answer by Rajiv 09 September 2010


Answer by RAHIM 09 September 2010

Never wrestle with a pig,you get dirty and the pig enjoys it

Answer by Pauli Rajput 09 September 2010

Within your budjet,If you want the feeling of a sedan car go for CRUZE or if it is an SUV wait a little more for the launch of Skoda YETI.Endeavour will give you the feeling of a classy SUV if you compromise your budjet till 20 lakhs.


Answer by Rajan Baby 09 September 2010

Dear friends
I am having short of words to say thanks to all of you, it may be in typo I did some mistakes, let it be, communication means the other end is receiving in same manner or not , sense is not a slave of language. All of you made me comfortable, People from Bhojpuri / Malay / any part of India all they have their own language, English is not the first language of any Indian, yes it is a media to communicate where we can't speak, or we have to write, few people who are slave of English by soul, still think more about it, I am fake or not, doesn't matter.
By summarizing the discussion I conclude - CRUZE / Corolla Altis D / Vento are good cars, yes Superb of Skoda is also very good car , but it don't give good milage and it needs maintenance more, as few people told me. So in CRUZE / Corolla Altis D / Vento which one you give 10 out of 10.
Kind regards
Deepak Sharma

Answer by Deepa Sharma 09 September 2010

Well Deepak G, three cars(all diesel) which you had been finalised are really good, and it's extremely hard to decide one.
I my opinion u should look for these points before making ur decision firm----
1. BHP & Torqe(Cruze wins here,Altis has just 85 BHP)
2. Dealer Nework/Service station near to you( so that you won't lapse ur any service),
3. You heart.

Answer by Atul Sharma 09 September 2010

Hello all,

As users of this blog have given their opinions and suggetions Mr.Deepakji go for Cruz its mercy in class and lookwise very fantastic with all features, but service network is very important for these kind of cars, so its depend on the place u stay and service availability, decide accordingly. Don't bother about negative comments.Happy driving.

Answer by S Joshi 09 September 2010

go for scorpio u can choose from various varients & it will suit the image of vp the mighty mascular & it really is. i myself is using it & it has no headaches.

Answer by Vikraant 09 September 2010

Dear Deepak,
among altis cruze and vento ,go for altis d or cng if you stay in a metro and if ur car is be chfr driven bcoz toyota's d's are considered best .if u are to drive ur self then choose to cruze bcoz its a real pleasure driving this beastly performer .i rule out vento bcoz its in the segment of honda city and it would be going down segment wise after driving an elantra.

Answer by Rajiv 09 September 2010

Deepak sharmaji if you want new stylish car then u go for Cruze and if u like some not more stylish then u can go for TOYOTA Altis Deisel. Both car are best u can take the test drive and after u can feal the difference of comfert as per your height.

Answer by Vivek Mohadikar 09 September 2010

GO for Cruze it ia wonderful car

Answer by Shrikant 09 September 2010

Surprising that people driving lamborgini and all luxury cars are advising u to buy cruze but in actual none of them have even seen cruze closely otherwise which fool will advise cruze for a 6.1 ft tall person who has to spend at least 4 hours everyday in that car , has any of the imaginination experts noticed the rear slope of cruze ,any one who is 6 ft tall cannot sit comfartably in the rear seat of cruze without bending his head.

Answer by Ramoo 09 September 2010
Expert`s comment:

With reference to your last comment as you have short listed Cruze,Altis, VW Vento, among these Vento is yet to be available and considering the features of the same and as it is expected in near future, it will be worth test drive the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2010

No automobile manufacturer serving here in INDIA can beat TOYOTA, when it comes to diesel engines(comparing done in same price range).
I am not a automobile expert , but have fair amount of knowledge to suggest you a car as per your requirements.
You expect good mileage, no maintenance , good power and best is safety.

For me following are the options:
1. Toyota INNOVA : If you are OK with it being used for tourist purpose too, blindly go for it.
Take my word, you will never ever repent your decision. I am not sure how long are you gonna use it, but whenever you wish to sell it , you will
fetch a great price. Fuel efficiency is amazing, with light foot on your pedal(around, it delivers 14-15kmpl.
2. Chevy CRUZE : Main advantage is the power it has, but don't make a mistake of comparing it with INNOVA. Both cars belong to a completely different segment.
Downside is you will be shedding 3 lakhs more, servicing cost will be on the higher end, No TOYOTA's reliability, and poor resale value.
3. Toyota Altis : If you are OK with the bhp(85) it generates, this can best suite your requirements. Excellent car, with all you require except a bit on lower side as
far as power is concerned. I recommend you to drive it to experience the power it generates. May be it's at par with what you expect.

Vento and Superb though are fantastic cars, but are very high on maintenance.
By now you have tons of inputs, but I would strongly suggest you to test drive each and every car you like, judge it on your own.
Don't listen to the sales persons.
After judging on your own go for the one you loved the most, coz after all it's you who is gonna pay for it.

Answer by Abhijit 09 September 2010
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