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i am planning to buy a car tat ranges from 7 to 9 lakhs, diesel versions and except verna because my bro is having it, and I booked for sift dzire but in vain b'coz it will take more than 6 mnths. Can anyone suggest me a good vehicle?

By Shihab on Sep 11, 2008


  • Go for an "Optra Magnum 2.0 MAX." Price will be roughly around 9.2Lacs. It a great car, awsome looks..superb handling. Moreover, currently GM is giving a good discount on it.
    Answer by Shubho on Sep 13, 2008

  • Why don't you check out the Skoda Fabia its a beauty...........
    Answer by Murad on Sep 12, 2008

  • Chevrolet optra magnum is a good choice as the vehicle is powerful and have enough features,but GM service is not that good.Another option is Ford Fiesta Diesel.
    Answer by Shankar on Sep 12, 2008

  • Go fr Swift VDI .. is best compared to Dezire and if u want throug me i can gv u in 20 days NEw read next

    i can give u UPTO 25% discount on Any New cars ,, it also include ur choices ..
    so call me on 9930849250 and ask fr amey fr more details .
    remember the discount is on NEW cars only
    Answer by Amey on Oct 7, 2008

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