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hi..i have a hero honda hunk bike of 2008 not getting the desired mileage frm getting around 40-42..although i have to go frm highway....plz..suggest...
By Salahuddin 09 September 2010

more milage u have only one oppuction...add hho to ur (BIKE) engine combustion....u get more millage...and u pollute less..water is a green manufaturing ....hho dry cell system in hyderabad...
.www ,,,,...ur problem will be solved by putting hho system in ur bike....u get min 30 to 50 % in ur millage as well as u polute less saving earth at that bumper to bumper trafic....tell ur frinds about this... because.. saving earth from polluction should be our prime motto....thanks friend

Answer by Satish 09 September 2010

ther r some factors to millage losses
1..problem in bike
2..not proper riding (( race driving / extra use of cluch ,brake , accelater ,,over speed ..
3.. full traffic jam standing in gear with cluch
4..petrol short filling /poor quality of petrol (( mixing ))
so first check above and if any where fault pl rectify

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 09 September 2010
Expert`s comment:

Please follow the steps mentioned by Gautam and also using premium petrol and oil would help to improve mileage.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2010

i been regularly reading about this hoho ,i would like the experts to further elaborate on this technology ,if its real and working then definitely would be a boon provided its real and practical.

Answer by Rajiv 09 September 2010

You can try the following :
- Fit an NGK Iridium Spark Plug. That will better your pick-up as well as improve your economy.
- Change your chain sprocket to one with fewer teeth. This should improve both your economy as well as top speed.

The above is to be carried out only by an expert mechanic. Else your bike might suffer minor damage. Ride Safe and do wear a helmet.

Answer by Reeto 09 September 2010

i am using hho dry cell in my santro my milage has been increased by 5km per liter.and the emissions are very less silencer is cool

Answer by Lakshman 09 September 2010
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