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Tell me about Scorpio Automatic. Is it worth buying? Any complaints regard performance & Maintenance
By George 09 September 2010
Expert`s comment:

There is mixed responce of Scorpio automatic version regarding overall performance with AT. There could be minor problems with the same. In overall recommended to take a test drive before concluding.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2010

I had approached an agent in Kottayam, Kerala with the intention to test drive an automatic SCORPIO but I was told they do not have any. I believe not many agents keep the automatic variant for test driving. If you happen to get one please send some feedbacks through this column.Cheers

Answer by Rajan Baby 09 September 2010

I think the text Drive available at Cochin and Thrissur. Pls check with cochin TVS-09388298224 & Thrissur ITL-09388396015

Answer by George 09 September 2010

Thank you George for the telephone numbers. How did you feel with the automatic Scorpio??

Answer by Rajan Baby 09 September 2010

Hai Mr.Rajan, I have also short listed automatic Scorpio. But Not much details about performance & durability.Let us start to exchange information. My email

Answer by George 09 September 2010

Hai Mr. Rajan & Mr. George
I am also collecting info. abt the the AT version of Scorpio because I am planning to buy the same next year in India. Unfortunately no details are getting from the dealer or their site.May be next year they introducing scorpios in USA.I am waiting that chance.If you get anything more plz share to me too..thanksss

Answer by John Kalloor 10 October 2010
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