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Can you just tell me, which one will be a better option in terms of mileage and maintenance? Is it the Vw Polo 1.2Petrol or the Ritz Zxi Petrol.. My travel would only by for like 30kms a day but in real bumper to bumper traffic with 4 people on board and AC being on 100%. Im really confused as to which car to buy, my heart goes for Polo but mind says Ritz. Please can you just help me out.. Im all over Polo, but heard people saying it gives as bad as 8-9Kms in City with bumper to bumper traffic.. Is it true? Please help me out.. Thanks, Pradeep.
By Pradeep 08 August 2010

If you are keen in mileage and low maintenance then choose Ritz Zxi, Ritz has 85BHP with 4 cylinder and Polo is 75BHP with 3 cylinder.

Answer by Vinoth 08 August 2010

Infact Im totally okay with a over all mileage of 10kms in bumper to bumper traffic from either of this car..

But as said, Im all over Polo for the rich feeling and comfort level compared to Ritz.

The only problem is can the Polo give atleast 10Kms per ltr in bumper to bumper traffic?
Or is it Ritz?

Answer by Pradeep 09 September 2010

Yes Polo is best for Comfort, but is best for Low maintenance and Low spare cost, choose among yourself.

Answer by Vinoth 09 September 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the options mentioned Ritz would be better on account of combination of power,mileage and interiors.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2010

Yes its a POLO not a Palio dear which has the Problem related wit the availability and the cost of spares. The price of Regular wear and tear parts of POLO is same as Swift n Ritz and unfortunately in case of Damage so wats the Use of Paying the Premium for Insurance, use it else of taking your car for the road side Denter.
Enjoying the Pleasent ride of Polo is much better than the Ride of Ritz, the Rubbery Gear shift and Rolling sound inside cabin.

Answer by POLO 10 October 2010


If u r going to use car on daily basis & need really good milage,then go with Swift VDI or Ritz VDI.

Diesel engines of both the cars are as good as petrol cars & milage u will get in city with AC at any situation is abov 13Kms/ Ltr.

Swapnil Natu.

Answer by Swapnl Natu 10 October 2010

I think there is no comparison between Ritz and polo. As far as your concern about mileage only then you should go with polo because it gives a mileage well above 12kmpl. During the initial running the car may give you just 10kmpl. Overall polo is a superb car with strong and elegant built quality both in the interiors and exteriors while ritz is a tin box.

Answer by Vishnu 10 October 2010

Hey guys, thanks a tonnes for responding back. Im really sorry - was busy with ma daily routine and hence had no time to reply back to your answers. Anyways, Ive gone ahead and booked a Volkswagen Polo 1.2 Petrol ( Highline ) and currently on da waiting period. Ive been told that the car will be delivered in the month of November, soo lets hope things fall in the right place...

I testdrove the RITZ/POLO - but was might impressed with the POLO when compared to the RITZ.
Thank you for helping me out. Your feedbacks were very vital in making my decision about the new car..!

Good day there.

Answer by Pradeep 10 October 2010
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