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Planing to buy 2004 Honda Accord MT, run 49000 KM for Rs.5.70 Lacs second owner. I was earlier driving a skoda octavia and was happy with mileage but cost of maintenance was too high. Now i am concerned about Accords fuel economy and cost to maintain. Kindly give a rough idea on cost and fuel economy. Also suggest should i go for a second hand Accord or a new car from 5-6 lac segment.
By Ashish 08 August 2010

You should definitely go for the accord.With honda,maintenance isn't a problem at all..and after driving an octavia,5-6 lac segment cars will not b enjoyable to in for the ride quality n feel..however you can expect a mileage of 9-10 kmpl from the Accord....go ahead with your are getting a great of luck....

Answer by Tarun Patel 08 August 2010

Dear Ashish,

5.7 - 6 lakhs for a 2004 Accord is on the higher side. You have potential to negotiate much more. Also have you thouroughly check the car , its engine? These days brokers do reverse the meters to show that cars have run lesser.

Also this isnt the first , being a second owner, do a more precise check as to why is the price on the higher side.


Answer by Anand 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

The Accord, though not as expensive as the Skoda, is not the cheapest car to maintain.

Answer by Quraish 08 August 2010

Consider yourself luck if you get a milaeage of more than 6 km/lit on Accord. Even a new Accord is a guzzler - a 2004 Accord could even be lower.

Answer by Kapil L 08 August 2010

ACCORD and fuel economy!!! NO WAY bro,it will rarely give u a mileage of 6.5!!Even the latest model of accord drinks fuel like water.I'll better suggest you to purachase a new maruti suzuki swift VDi.TIS far far better than 2004 model accord,whether u talk about fuel economy or cost maintenance.morever it is fitted wid a turbo engine!!and gives incomparable acceleration in its segment!! rest is your wish cuz money is yours!!

Answer by Pranjal Chaudhary 08 August 2010

Well accord 2.4 ltr would offer a mileage around 8.5 or 9.3 in city with ac on. Maintenance Cost is on a cheaper side whencompared to skoda. Have a thorough inspection of the car before you purchase.

Answer by Manjunath 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

As you have experience of maintaining Skoda Octavia,Maintaining of Accordwould almost be similar to Octavia.The quoted price seems to be a great offer provided its in good condition.You can go ahead with the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

buying such an old car specially in this segment is not a sensible idea leave aside economy your cant even enjoy the status value of the car better to drive the octavia or go for corolla in that range which is more practical and everyday use car bcoz if you are buying the accord for daily use its costly and if for status well generally who can afford accord do not keep such old cars.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010
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