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Dear sir , I have Tata Indigo Marina since 5 years, lately I was at outer Shimla Himachal. The Electric Cooling Fan for the Radiator stopped working, I immediately made DIRECT wiring connections of the FAN with the CAR BATTERY, To make the cooling system work. NOW as I start the CAR the FAN immediately goes on and starts to cool the ENGINE. I have lately OBSERVED that MY CAR FUEL EFFICIENCY HAS GONE BAD, IS IT BECAUSE OF THE DIRECT COOLING FAN CONNECTIONS ? PLEASE reply and advise. sincerly Chopra
By A Chopra 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

For lower fuel efficiency the fuel supply and other factors to be considered.Direct connection of fan wont matter much for variation in mileage.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

lower fuel efficiency has nothing to do with cooling fan generally the lower fuel efficiency is due to weak fuel pump which might need calbaration or clogged nozzles .if u find thick black smoke emission when the vehicle is suddenly accelerated then you need to get the pump checked ,this is a general problem in older version of tata vehicles specially 2007 and earlier models of indigos and indicas.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

Hi! Mr. Chopra. I also recently bought one Indigo Marina LS 2005 model. Can you tell me ideally how much fuel efficiency I should be expecting from the car in city condition with the ac on. I am getting an average of not more than 10.5 kmpl with the ac on.



Answer by Rono 08 August 2010
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