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Hey I am a HH Hunk SE owner. I love my bike so much that I am worried about every aspect of it. However, though company recommends 10-30 engine oil, I am getting better sound by using 20-40 castrol active. Is that ok to use Castrol Active in my bike? One more thing, I want to change my rear tire of my hunk. Can you recommend any good brand that will look aggressive as well as have better grip on road than the default tire. Thanks in advance. Please advice.
By Russell 08 August 2010

for bikes 20/40 is only best. other grade will damage ur engine ..if u love too ur bike pl refill mobile no 1..oil the best . but fill by properly ..
mrf tyres r best ,but now designs tyres r avails for look

Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

Oil with rating 20W40 is good enough for bikes.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

For HH Hunk recommended engine oil 10W-30.

The number before the 'W' is the 'cold' viscosity rating of the oil, and the number after the 'W' is the 'hot' viscosity rating.

Lower the viscosity rating, thinner the oil and higher the viscosity rating, thicker the oil.

Most engine wear occurs immediately after a cold start. Lower the 'cold' viscosity rating of the oil, thinner the oil as a result oils circulate easily at lower temperature for which engine start smoothly and reduce engine wear.

20W-40 That's men you are using higher cold viscosity rating oil or thicker oil than the recommended one. As a result, increase engine wear & reduces engine life.

Always strictly fallow the manufacturer recommended engine oil grade.

Hero Honda 10W-30 engine oil is good enough for all Hero Honda bike. In addition, price of the oil is chief compare to all other branded oil.

Answer by Supriya Rong 08 August 2010

20/40is best because 10/30is thinner if it when heat by running than also will be some more thin so drive smoothness will less ...
russell try once 10/30 and another one time 20/40 which is best @ running u will feel and use that oil..

Answer by Gautam Jain Chennai 08 August 2010

'Cold' viscosity rating ('W') is chosen under specific climatic condition. 'Hot' viscosity rating is chosen under maximum engine operating temperature condition.

Higher the viscosity rating, thicker the oil. Result poor oil circulation.

Answer by Supriya Rong 09 September 2010
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