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hii friends i have owned a new polo 1.2 petrol highline week ago but the average of the car varies when ever i come for some work it shows the average of 3-4 but then slowly goes increasing and the highest avg till now my car has given me is 9km very much dissapointed as per the comments and suggestions of the people and automobile engineers the aveage of the car must be 13-15 km in the city plz if anyone of the people has the same problem then please comment and please give me suggestions
By Shaurya 08 August 2010

This avg seems too low. it should give approx 9.5 to 10 km in the begining till the first service and then should increase a bit. Dont expect avg like 15 to 18 km in City. My guess is approx 10 to 11 km is city is ok. 3 & 4 is too less please show the car to your service center .

Answer by Kshitish 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

First of all check whether the trip computer is showing mileage in litres/100 kms since that is the norm.If yes then 4 l/100 kms means an average of 25 and 9 l/100 kms means an average of about 11.3 kmpl.
However the best method to check average is to tank up and drive for a certain distance say about 200 kms and then tank up again as these trip computers may not be always accurate.

Answer by Rohit 08 August 2010

Agree with Rohit above. Also check if you are referring to Instantaneous Consumption in which case you will see the consumption around 3-4 when you are accelerating or in low gear. As you reach a stable speed, it should go up to 17-18. Hence, the consumption will eventually average out around 10-11.

Answer by Saps 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

The mileage needs to be checked properlly.Please follow the guidelines by Rohit once and check the average mileage.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010
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