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Hi Sir. I'm putting up in NEW DELHI. I wanna ask a question regarding willy jeep. Willy jeeps are disposed off by army and are refurbished by some dealers in moga, ludhiana and other parts of Punjab. These jeeps are sold with Toyota or Nissan Diesel Engines which are often registered on the papers. One can easily drive it in Punjab as there is not very much strictness in rural areas. I'm a BIG FAN of these jeeps but heard that Delhi Traffic Police doesn't allow these wild cats in city. Even I'm not sure abt this fact. Please help if I bring this in Delhi will I have to face any issue reagarding seat belt, insurance, name transfer, NOC, Diesel engines, wide tyres, open top etc.
By Gobind Singh 08 August 2010

see u u have cleans papers no one can stop u in any city
delhi police may be stopping these jeeps for many reasons
u will have to find out for wht reasons

if u have a new engine then PUC also wont be a problem
the engine change if on paper and is accepted my the RTO then u wont have any problem
but putting a new engine in a willy jeep might be the problem with the authorities bcuz they r strict with people modifying cars

try getting some more info or talk to any RTO official he will give u more info

hey and one more thing please give me info on where i too can my hands on a willy jeep ..price is too steep here in mumbai
mail me on

Answer by Sarvesh 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

As mentioned by Sarvesh, no need to worry provided all relevent RTO approved documents are there for your jeep.No doubt modified cars and jeeps gets more attention from people so do from traffic police and hence its better to have correct documents before taking out in city.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010
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