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Hi, My questions about purchasing of a new car are somewhat similar. 1. Daily commuting is around 15kms/day and monthly driving is around 200 kms. I believe that makes petrol as the better option looking at thumb rule of min. around 1200km/month for a diesel 2.Mileage is a important factor to consider 3. Rear seating comfortable for 3 and decent boot space 4. ABS The cars I ruled out are : Figo : Have heard pretty negative feedback about maintenance Swift : Good car, but may opt for Ritz based on reviews (better rear seating space) i10 : Again, would choose Ritz for relatively more rear seating space and boot. Can be considered, however. Punto : Expensive. Felt sluggish gearbox and low on pick-up during test drive Options : Ritz : Have heard good reviews. Low on maintenance. Mileage of 15 reported by a friend who has used it for around 3000kms i20 : Great car. Superb looks and interiors. Decent boot and rear seating space (however heard that a bulge on rear seat makes rear seating inconvenient for person in middle). Have not heard anything on mileage. Variant with ABS (Sportz) is slightly over my budget of 6L Polo : Not much research done. Currently no dealer in my city, but heard that there would be one in 6 months. Will be an option only after that Please share thoughts on this. Regards, Rakesh
By Rakesh 08 August 2010

Dear Rakesh,
For ur all question there will be only one answer in my mind is TATA INDIGO MANZA is the car ur looking for.
Just take test drive and then decide.

Answer by Rambha 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering the details mentioned for each vehicle and overall requirments. Maruti Suzuki Ritz would be the satisfactory selection.Ritz with ABS option would would solve the purpose of owning a good performance relaible hatchback.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

Hi Shivashankar,
Thanks for the reply. I've another nagging question as I sometimes get tempted towards i20 Magna 1.2ltr. Though i20 Magna looks fabulous and spacious, it would not have ABS. Just wanted to know if having ABS is a matter of personal choice or is a strongly recommended option. In other words, is it sensible to think of paying higher amount for a car with great features but has no ABS and lesser mileage (Pls let me know if you've info on mileage).

@Rambha MANZA looks a good big car, but I would rather prefer a hatchback

Answer by Rakesh 08 August 2010
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