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Hi, Mr Shiva Shankar (Automotive Expert) Sir you have answered my question about LPG kit in Figo you suggested not to install, sir apart from warranty what damage can LPG kit do to my car's engine. Sir i would like to tell you that i have fitted LPG kit in my new Santro xing (2500 km run) earlier i kept that car for 4 years (68000 km run), it was very reasonable & i had no problem with that car, so could you please tell me that how LPG kit can harm a petrol car, as Hyundai company itself gives LPG fitting cars in the market, please reply as soon as possible. Thanx Vishal Khanna Ph No : 9212192852
By Vishal Khanna 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

The main drawback with fitting LPG kit to Figo is the warranty back up as Ford does not recommend LPG kit to Figo. In Santro there are good number of success ful usage with LPG kit.Here also willingness for investment, availability of auto LPG in your region matters a lot.As Hyunsai already has DUO version, there are no issues with LPG kit fittment to Santro.
Customer satisfaction and hence success rate with LPG kit fittment is very less compared with single fuel engines.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

Mr Shiva Shankar (Automotive Expert)
Thank you for your precious answer, apart from Warranty LPG kit won't harm my car's engine.

Answer by Vishal Khanna 08 August 2010
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