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in what condition we feel the need of abs and airbags? do they really help and does it make sense to invest on these? isn't seatbelt enough to protect you? i am also concerned about negative effects of airbags. will it be safe to take my mom in the front seat? confused between beat lt and lt option pack. is the beat strong enough to take a collision or i do need the option pack?
By Ashim 08 August 2010

ABS really helps. Particularly when ur tyres start getting old and in the mansoon, breaking at high speeds or bumpy roads. When it works often it means either tyres are wrong -wrong inflation, under spec tyres or worn out tyres or unsafe driving.
Air bags can help but without wearing a seat belt it might harm.

Answer by Sai 08 August 2010

Dear Ashim,
Good question...
ABS is useful for heavy braking and avoid the skidding of vehicle.
and now AIRBAGS..Airbags are very useful at the time of accident but you have to wear seat belt. Seat belts hold the passenger movement for seconds and Airbags gives coushning to Driver and Co-driver.That means AIRBAGS minimise Injuries to the passangers in accidents. but if the accident is very crusial then no only air bag but god also cant save passengars.
and there are many types of air bags avialable in the market. i.e. Front,side,knee,curtain airbags etc.
but for that you have to pay more and all these airbags are used in Mercedese,Audi,BMW,GM,Ford etc etc.
In india mostly people see the price and mileage of the car but they do not see any safety feature are there in the car or not.

Answer by Rambha 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

Anti Lock Brake system helps for better handling of car while driving in wet and slippery road conditions. Wearing seat belt is very essential even innormal driving as it helps to prevent movement of person and itting dash board incase of ubrupt braking (due to moment of inertia).Airbags gets inflated when collision exceeds the limit and the switch is activated. It can prevent the hitting of face on to dash board in case of collisions.Still it has limits upto which its effective. In overal Airbag is a good safety feature and it gives a sens of safety in using car hence worth aying extra amount for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

ABS means anti-lock brake system., sometimes in emergency braking the car wheels will get lock and hence the car will get a chance of avoid this lock the abs is added in the latest cars( not as accessories).but while apply the brake,it also increase the distance from the car in front of you. about air bags , it is a compulsory safety features in latest will release during the last stage or bad accidents..there are many types of airbags(side airbags,driver,passenger,curtain airbag etc.,)..but the important is seat belt wearing is important.because, improper sitting in the seats during the deployment of airbag may end in fatal injury..also once the air bag is released you cannot reuse it, so needs to fix a new airbag from a airbag certified mechanics..,
i have a KIA optima 2007 model has 6 airbags but no ABS brake future.. so i disappointed for the reason that no ABS..but i came to understand that prior to the safety there should be a good knowledge of driving and braking..
if you know the art of braking then no need of ABS brake systems( i mean for indian roads). so i am happy about the airbag presence and very careful during brake ( i mean brake early as possible)..

Answer by Thilak Kumar 01 January 2011
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