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hi guys,i wanna buy a petrol car within 6lakhs. confused between swift,i20,ritz,polo and punto.i want good driving experience and a good resale value after 5 yrs or so.plz suggest me the best.i would also like to know about nissan micra,is it a worth buying?
By Romi 08 August 2010

Choose Swift Zxi(Top end model, swift always has higher resale value

Answer by Vinoth 08 August 2010

I was in same situation last month, after lot of research i have zeroed on to i20 sportz.

Positives: Space, Interiors, Looks (Subjective), Features of a high end sedan.

Negatives: Engine not that powerful for such a big car.

I must admit punto was also a good contender, but fiat's after sale service and heavy maintenance made me drop it.

Answer by Nav 08 August 2010

the segment in which you want to buy a car offers many options but the most popular amongst all is the swift ,if you want a vfm car you go with the swift you want brand image polo ,good features and reliable service backup the i20,otherwise micra ,figo ,vista and punto .in india till now the most reliable cars are either from maruti or hyundai.i personally find the i20 the best.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

Fiat Punto 1.2 Emotion & Hyundai I20 Magna has same price tag & mostly similar features. The advantage of Punto over i20 is the discount offered by FIAT. I dont think so that the after sale Service is too bad of FIAT cause TATA is taking care of FIAT cars. You will get good driving experience in Punto than i20.

Dont think so much go for Punto, if possibly go for punto 1.4 Punto Emotion Pack. Loaded with lots of features.

Answer by Kedar 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

In the price range and options mentioned, Punto would be a good selection for overall features and reliability.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

boss ritz diesel best option 15 kmph in city trafc with ac ufel like a petrol car its only 5.80 on road in chennai this car is value for money

Answer by Ibrahim 08 August 2010

i had the same confusion but i was looking at diesel. I settled with punto. I20 has serious ac issues. They seem to offer solution but need to know how effective the solution is
at peak summer and also the mileage.
Swift is undergoing change so forget about it. Ritz is over priced for the size and its too small and uncomfy. Go for the new swift wait.
To be very honest about punto its good overall. So far nothing to comment on A.S.S. Interior looks good but suffers in quality.

I always want to stay away from ford caz most ford dealers do not have good record.

Polo is very good in all aspect except poor leg room for rear passsengers and the long waiting period.
Punto has the best suspension in the lot and so it ticked to me.

Answer by Sai 08 August 2010

I would like to suggest you to go for Swift Diesel (VDI) which has good mileage as well as resale value.

Answer by Madan Mohan 08 August 2010

bro u can get swift repaired from any where,it has low maintance cost,rest of the cars are new in market will take time to get establisher & they do have higher maintence cost compared to swift.look wise,milage wise,interiors & leg room,go for swift diesal.

Answer by Ashish 08 August 2010

go for punto this is best &

Answer by ASHOK GALLA 08 August 2010
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