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Really Confused... I need a Good Budget Range Sedan - Petrol.. Main Preference is Good Mileage, Low Service Cost & A decent Resale Value.. Price Range - 5 to 6 lakhs. Mainly Short Listed - Swift Dezire, Accent Executive, Ford Feista Petrol.. Plz Suggest me the Best Car ??
By Raj 08 August 2010

hii` well go 4r swift dizire or swift it has good resale value`` i myself a car dealer both new/used cars.

Answer by Raj 08 August 2010

Dear Raj,
You want to buy latest sedan then Go for INDIGO MANZA(petrol) it have nice look,new fiat engine,all new interiors,low maintaince and spare parts cost also low.
Just take test drive and then decided to buy the Car.
and its come in ur Budjet also.

Answer by Rambha 08 August 2010

Even though TATA provide service for FIAT, it is expensive affair. Till that time no trouble, you will enjoy the vehicle. suggest to go with Maruti Vehicle...... low maintanance, more service points, less cost of spares etc.,

Answer by Kal 08 August 2010

Dear Raj,

If you are looking for Good Mileage, Low Service Cost & A decent Resale Value.. Price Range - 5 to 6 lakhs, then ur first preference should be Swift Dzire. However take a test drive of all the 3 cars u have mentioned and go with the one which best suits you. Like Accent has more of a executive look and Fiesta is a drivers paradise (little low on the mileage though, maybe 3-4 km/litre)

Also test dirve the Indigo Manza, have heard from colleagues/friends thats its worth every money, but if u trust Tata only then go with it.

Else Maruti is the best

Hope that helps


Answer by Binny Abraham 08 August 2010

Hello Raj,its really sad,we go only for maruti cars these days.Swift dezire is a good car,but not a solid built car as a Fiat linea.Service,spares and costs are more or less same for all cars in this segment.Do test drives(accent,linea,fiesta,manza,aveo,dezire)and compare performance,space,especially rear leg room,braking,handling and other added features,if any.Go for the one which u really loved,after the test drives.Beware of salesmen.They do not want to sell u the best car available in this segment.They just want to sell their car,usually mislead people with false statements about other cars.Wish u the best.

Answer by Peter 08 August 2010

Hi, I will suggest u to go for Swift dzire. it gives good mileage and had a good resale value.

Answer by Janeshwar Banshtu 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

Inthe price range and options mentioned. Swift Dzire would be optimum selection for availability and reliability.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

your main purpose of buying a car seems to be decent commuting with least expenses ,according to me go for dezire if u can wait in the queue otherwise if u want to save right now ,go for either logan or manza .both are pretty decent value for money package.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

Check the Ford Ikon or Ford fiesta for milage and resale value.

Answer by Sreeji 08 August 2010

if want to go for petrol swiftdzire is best but 4 diesel
either go 4 tata indigo manza or ford fiesta

Answer by Manish 08 August 2010
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