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I have a Zen 2005 model. Monthly running fifty kms only.Using once in 15 days. The 2006 Tutor battery needs urgent replacement. Which battery I should buy? I am a sr. citizen. Thanks, C.B.Sharma 9881710822
By Sharma 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering you are looking for replacement of Battery, Amron would be a good selection for easy of maintenance and reliability.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

dear Mr. sharma i am having a good experience with amaron as i myself is using it in my car & amaron provides 48 month warranty for the batteries used in petrol cars.

Answer by Vikraant Mahajan 08 August 2010

Mr Rao's suggestion makes sense ,as your running permonth is just fifty kms you can go for the top up models which are almost 40%lower priced than a maintainance free battery ,but at the same time i woudnt advice a localy made battery as it spills acid and water and spoils the paint around the battery box the battery water overflow is a normal thing in any local battery .if i were in your place i would go with the lower end version of exide or sf.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

when it comes to car batteries in india EXIDE is considered the most reliable brand its like maruti in cars and bajaj scooters .i may sound a bit old fashioned but i trust the brand my earlier generation used to trust,for me it is the only brand i trust ,i had experimented once with aamron but did not find the results satisfactory.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

Guys, A word of caution to all car owners.

Lot of service stations even good ones specialise in replacing your good battery with a dud battery, and then bill you for replacing same. Same goes for tyres.
CHEATERS ALL!! mark your batteries and tyres with marker pens.

Answer by Hemant 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

I go by the Funda of cost of ordinary battery of any make which has reputation for good service.
Go for Exide or Amaron , work out the price divided by wears of reasonable warranty given ie 12 months will be there minimum for the cheapest battery, and see what is the cost per month.
Now take the costliest one i,e maintenace free, etc.and divide by warranty period and find for yourself which works out cheaper in the longer run.
I buy the normal battery which gives 12 months warranty and it gives almost double the life for my Zen car of 2000 model.and TOP up DISTILLED WATER every month, you will get almost three years or four years if the maintenace if good.
Dr P C Rao, COnsultant. PUne

Answer by Dr P C Rao 08 August 2010

hi mr. sharma,

since 1978, i am pashonate car owner. in last 32 years i have owned 11 cars and myrty total k.m. self driven is more than 6 lac k.m.s EXCIDE is the only best battery. Please do not use locally made / unbranded battery at all.

Answer by Deelip Karandikar 08 August 2010

Dear Mr deelip,
as a passionate car lover myself i salute your experience and love for cars ,your experience is almost my age, i also recommended the same brand as i trust exide and sf brands the most i do not say others do not make good batteries but who can deny the reliabality and reputation of exide which has been built over decades.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

if you don't mind, can I say a word about Exide? It conks down the very next month of lapse of warranty period . Very strange but true. Had the same experience with 7 Exide batteries so far, in spite of regular maintainance.

Answer by Vishoo 08 August 2010

as you rightly said strange ,bcoz your car seems to keep a record of the warranty period and conks down after a month ,seems your car has bcome an astrological baba stranger you have been repeating the same mistake 7 times in your life generally people learn from experience and mend their ways after once or max twice.STRANGE BUT TRUE.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

haha Rajuv,

Thanx for your funny remarks. But it was true, those 7 batteries were purchased within a span of 2 years for my different cars and it happens like that. Cant help. Now I switched over to Panasonic brand and I am totally satisfied with the service with all the batteries I purchased giving a life double the warranty period time. Any way, I took your remarks in a lighter vein. ;)

Answer by Vishoo 08 August 2010

Dear Friends,
Thank you very much for your advice. I really appreciate your keen desire to help others.

Answer by Sharma 08 August 2010
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