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Please advice me Hyundai i10 vs ALTO K10 OR New WagonR which car is better in overall performance. Thanks Harendra Nayal
By Harendra Singh Nayal 08 August 2010

hello there,
alto k10 and the new wagon r are having same engine.however the i10 engine is quite peppy and fun to drive go for i10 is a personal advice

Answer by RAJU SINGH 08 August 2010

Go for i10, its engine is quiet good and body is also very well built. ALto & Wagon r's K10 engine is sluggish in city driving with AC on. I m driving new Zen Estilo with the same engine and I am not satisfied with the engine performance at all.

Answer by VIPUL GUPTA 08 August 2010

Please advice me Hyundai i10 vs Santro xing which car is better in overall performance. Thanks
Harendra Nayal

Answer by Harendra Nayal 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

To select one, Hyundai i10 would be better option for its updated features including exteriors and interior fit and finish. Also has better great resale value.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

Go for i10, santro is quiet an old model now. Go for Kappa engine, surely u will enjoy the ride.

Answer by VIPUL GUPTA 08 August 2010

alto k10 is not good insted of you can see astar
alto k10 is coppy of astar but it did not work because astar
is still best i prefer you to look at astar not i10 or any thing else

Answer by Prasad Nair 08 August 2010

WagonR VXI you get all what a car should have.Great engine,very good milage,good space etc etc go for only wagonR

Answer by Varkey 10 October 2010

Go for alto k10-a nice car having much better performance in is a very useful car for long journey purpose for small is also a fuel efficient car.its unique style and comfort can make it a better car in a2 segment.

Answer by Gourab Kalita 12 December 2010

so alto k10 is it final

Answer by Arif 10 October 2013


Answer by RAHUL PUKALE 12 December 2010

Alto K10 is better on mileage, has low maintenence cost and has a very good performance. Interiors are also no nonsense and the quality of the plastics is good for the price we pay. i10 IRDE is economical but not that efficient as K10 and Kappa gives similar performance to K10 but K10 power to weight ratio puts it better than i10. Hyundai is good with interiors and ergonomics but still its not a car for one who wants a good car with low running costs. AStar, Wagon R well AStar is a style icon while Wagon R is a load wagon on weh road. Maruti has each car that suits each personna so does Hyundai but for economy and decent performance and a good neat no frills car for middle and upper middle class and its a no shy away car even for the upper class. Rest is your very own decision. I have 3 of my family members owning 1 each and my boss too has one to ride to office each day.

Answer by Shankar Raj J 12 December 2010

K10 is best option

Answer by Jojo 01 January 2011

K 10 is best.

Answer by Aryan Singh 09 September 2013

I think alto k10 vxi is one of the best car.It has all features that a car need.So I prefer you to go for alto k 10 vxi.It is the besttt car for small family.

Answer by Aryan Singh 09 September 2013


Answer by Pankaj 03 March 2011

Yes, I purchase K10 Vxi in Feb 2011. Its really a nice car for middle class family. Intelligent person always follow maruti cars becuause its low in maintanance and good in milage. Its 1 and 2 gear having jarkness. But its fadeup when i see the milage and other things. I really happy with this car in this segment. No tension car really.

Answer by Satish Dhankhar 03 March 2011

My suggestion is go for i10. Remember every or any Hyundai car owner is satisfied with the performance of his car, weather its Santro, i10, i20 or Verna, the Owner is HAPPY.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 03 March 2011

no doubt i10. i10 has a 80PS 4cy kappa engine, that can easily outperform K-series 3cy engines (68PS). and also interior of i10 is much more better than wagon r.but the only problem is its price you have to spend 50k more than wagon r vxi(top end) to buy i10 sportz(not top end).

Answer by Anand PV 03 March 2011

hi we cant compare the cars i10, k10,or Wagnor because among these 3 cars engine cc is different,outlook is differen, etc their are more difference in these cars.i suggest u to go for Hyundai i10 new generation

Answer by Vinod 04 April 2011

Are you planning i10 - 1.1 engine or 1.2 engine?
If 1.1 engine - it would seem underpowered car.
If 1.2 engine - you can get Ritz at more or less the same price as i 10.
Check up Ritz once.

Answer by Deepam Morparia 04 April 2011

hi you should prefer alto k10
1. fuel efficiency
2. maruti cars have best service and maintanance
3. if it is your 1 st car then prefer maruti suzuki

Answer by Ten38 04 April 2011


Answer by B CHANDAN KUMAR 04 April 2011

Choosing a sutable car is a big mess, especially when it is your first car.People who already own the car can easily choose new one as they already have gone through almost in and out of the existing car.So my advice is specially for them who are willing to buy their first car ever and to Mr. B chandan Kumar. As he told they are having tall people in their family, go for "Tall Boy", yes, thats New wagon R. I am also 5.8" in height,and i driven Alto, I-10, Estilo, A-star too, but No one provides peace to your legs, and beleve me it is very much important for long drives. Even for other sibblings if you pull back the driver's seat for more leg room, the person seats behind will not have comfort. But wagon R does that. Now just consider other things, for look, yes Hundai i-10 beats wagon R, but it also costs you more. Even new wagon R is improved with exteriors and interiors too, gear-shift is very smooth (uses cable shifted gear box), More milage because of K10 engine, i-10 has slight more pickup. Even K10 produces 68Ps with 998 CC engine, K10 engines are light weifgt, which advantages milage. Now just keep aside all this technical things, and think on Operational cost, Wagon will will give you all the facilities which an ideal car should posses, also with affordable price, very good servicing center Network, low cost servicings, good resale vale. So go for Wagon-R

Answer by Abhijit 04 April 2011


I'm planning to buy my 1st car and hence confused. Going thru the above conversation it seems it is very difficult for one to decide. Every car has it's own pros & cons leaving the end user who is going to buy his 1st car in no man's land. Keeping in mind the cost factor, mileage, service I'ld prefer for alto K-10 and because of Maruti as the spear parts when required r available when compared to other vendors. No idea abt the service provided by Hundai.

Answer by Sandeep 06 June 2011

for owning a car with reliable cost, aiming on fuel efficiency, maintanance n service--- its best to decide on Maruti suzuki K10.

its too comfortable for drive as wel as for travelling esp. for long journey....
Wagon R is good, but not reliable n, is less fuel efficient compared to K10....
So i m going for Alto k10....


Answer by Ali Khan 07 July 2011

according to my view u go for alto k10 for his new features and good avg , if u will be happy with low avg then definatly go fr i10

Answer by Rahul 07 July 2011

I am a proud owner of maruti alto k10 comparing to the fuel efficiency , price , maintenence k10 is good

Answer by Manu 09 September 2013

No Doubt I Preffer Alto K10. Its The Best Car Of Its Type.

Answer by Dipu Ravi 08 August 2011

Definitely Hyundai i10, it rules the other choices out.

Answer by Siddharth 08 August 2011

i have alto k10
its a good car

Answer by Mithun 09 September 2013

All Hyundai cars are same, sluggish in nature, poor mid range, low milage, vague steering, poor handling, more expensive, higher cost of ownership. Buy a Maruti or Honda.

Answer by Anirban 09 September 2013

My Alto K10 is 8 months old now and I am a beginner in terms of driving. I am getting ~18.5kmpl (with AC). 90% of my driving distance is outside town.

Answer by Kamalendu Roy 09 September 2013

i10 is better than k10. k10 look like maruti 800 not have awesome i will prefer 110 kappa engine.............

Answer by Ramesh 10 October 2011

alto k10it is best car.low cost good fule efficient ..

Answer by Deepak 10 October 2011

Please suggest whether petrol car is preferrable or diesel car is preferrable?

Answer by Prabhakar 10 October 2011

I had purchased Alto k 10 vxi in july 2013. Very good car in terms of milage and its low cost compare to all other cars in this segment.

Answer by Satish Kumar Bajpai 08 August 2013

i m first time purches car. my budget is 4.5 lack, what wil be better option for me, i10 or wagnor a Avrage, interior, pawor, long life, featur, look,

Answer by Amit Rajput 11 November 2011

MARUTI K10 obviously
1,Low maintenance
4,Resale value
6,Good Engine
8,Value maximum for the money-Just3.26Lakhs for all these.

Answer by Arun S 11 November 2011

hi you should prefer
Maruti Suzuki A-Star Automatic - mileage ARAI 17 kmpl
Hyundai i10 automatic - mileage ARAI certified 16.67 kmpl

Answer by Tom 11 November 2011

Santro is drastic. I. Think i10 is near about same. Go for k10 or the new alto800.

Answer by Asp 08 August 2013

I think Hyundai users need to be more honest. I do understand that the high end models like Verna are really good but for a low cost car Hyundai does not give the value for the money invested in it.You will end up paying more for Petrol and maintenance if you go for Hyundai.
I do own Hyundai.

Answer by Pepp 11 November 2011

My heartful suggestion is go for Alto K10, it is fantastic car and it have: fuel efficiency, good interior/exterior, boot space, good looking, nice colors, no maintenaince, you can njoy the driving......only drawback is no watch in alto k10 and CNG is not available in alto k10

Answer by Sri 11 November 2011

alto k 10 vxi bec. ites value for money car and whene you are first youser of car than must buy maruti bec. after sales service is good than the go for k 10 vxi.

Answer by Mandar 11 November 2011

I'll go for alto k10... b'coz quality speaks itself i.e Maruti Suzuki,better performance and good fuel effeciency... Let's Go in an ALTO...

Answer by Sumit 12 December 2011

MARUTI K10 is a middle class family car which has a very good will of company also low maintainance, very good milage, service all over india any where, a trust on the vehicle when you drive

Answer by Amar Jadhav 12 December 2011

alto k10 is the best car as compared to i10and wagonr . i10 gives 10_12milaege but alto k10 gives more mileage as compared to these car .so go for alto k10.

Answer by Navdeep 05 May 2012

alto k10 is the best car as compared to other local cars Its design was dashing and design was also good

Answer by Kartikya Raina 11 November 2012

m first time purches car. my budget is 4.5 lack, what wil be better option for me, i10 or wagnor a Avrage, interior, pawor, long life, featur, look,

Answer by Kartikya Raina 11 November 2012

Why we purchase car? For Family/ Weekend pleasure /Enjoyment.. then don't think about 3-4 km. difference of mileage and all. Think about the Driving pleasure, Interior, Comfortableness for back seat members,Car company quality etc....Maruti having so many service stations because Maruti cars required the same time on time. Gadi bar bar nahi hoti dostooo.... Enjoy karne ke liye bhi gadi hoti hai es per bhi socha karo yarroooo...Saving Saving.... Aaisa hai to gadi hi mat lo....khatam hai baat....... Go for Hundai i10 Magna 1.1 for middle class family for city drive and happy weekend drive.

Answer by Rajiv Patel 11 November 2012

I am having plan to purchase a brand new car, first time. I am toying idea to purchase hatchback in between Maruti Suzuki Wagon R 1.0 (VXi) and Hyundai i-10 (Magna 1.2 Kappa2). Considering all pros and cons, please suggest me which car i should buy as a first timer?

Answer by Kaushik De 02 February 2013

Hi i am planning to buy i10 but confused to select the colour can some one pls advice the best colour either carbon grey or sleek silver...

Answer by Raj 03 March 2013
Expert`s comment:

Color selection greatly depends upon individual preferences.Carbon Grey color would be better.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 03 March 2013

i,m going to purchase a used car.I,m confused with the milege of hyundai I10 magna (2011 model) and wagonr Lxi(2009 model)

Answer by Dijoy 05 May 2013

I have purchased the Alto k10 in Jan 2013. It is really good Car due to below mentioned features -

1. Good Mileage.
2. Good Look.
3.Less Price (Comparing other)
4. Included all Features.
5. Take less space for Parking.
6.Available in Good metallic colors.
7. 5 person sitting Arrangement.

Overall Good.....

Answer by Arjun 05 May 2013

ya K10

Answer by Rajendra 06 June 2013

Maruti K10 is the best choice for the middle class family.

Answer by Jiju Haridas 06 June 2013

i just bought wagon r cng on 3 july i am happy with it as it cost me rs 2 per km in city and rs 1.4 per km on highway u can save lot of money if u travel a lot in car else go i10

Answer by Kunal 07 July 2013

Hyundai i10 with 1.1L engine is not so good.
Hyundai i10 with 1.2L Kappa engine gives less milage as compared to Maruti cars.

Hyundai i10 1.2L mileage is 12-14 Max.
Alto WagonR k10 gives 17-18 on petrol.

If you want a car which is economical then go for Maruti.
If you want car for show then Hyundai i10.

Answer by Anubhav 06 June 2013

Purchasing alto k10 nxt month.. good thread.

Answer by Hardik 11 November 2013

Don't go for hyundai I10 , steering problem , service centres can't fixed it, hyundai will say go to service center for fixing a new car, no meaning of buying new car,

Answer by Sk 03 March 2014

which engine oil is best for alto k10?

Answer by Randheer 06 June 2015

All over from the above comments i searched using find command ctrl+f in every website. Alto K10 is the best alltime for safe, long, rough driving with good mileage.

Answer by Shanmugam Ganesh 11 November 2015

ALTO K10 LXI Tax Paid till 2015 Dec . 1st Owner. 30000Km. Price 146000/- . Pls suggest if I buy this car it is right dissension or Not.

Answer by Kaushik Das 11 November 2015

Alto K10 is the best car u can take it without any confusion...

Answer by Rahul 02 February 2016

i am not favouring any brands i need a good car with spare availability as per my wish, if not then the companies should provide rent a car, thats my policy. regarding i 10 and alto k10, i drove both cars, refinement goes to i 10 engine, but fine body balance and zippy performance goes to k10. friends if u drive in empty roads buy i10 but if there is moderate traffic and u need to go fast purchase k10 not even a mercedez can challenge it in that aspect

Answer by Yamahasuraj 02 February 2016


Answer by Assdas 08 August 2016

I see that 2nd hand car i10 era drive 50000 km 2009,
& other see the car alto Lxi drive same km ,so please please suggest to me which car is buy

Answer by Mohair Raj 09 September 2016

Maintainance low, services centers are available which car is buy

Answer by Deepak Walvekar 01 January 2017

Hi I am confused Alto k10 and wegon r vxi plus please suggest me. My 1st car

Answer by Vivek Pratap Singh 08 August 2018
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