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I would like to buy ford figo petrol version,but only milage is problum can any one clear this issue please
By VISHNU JANGID 08 August 2010


Answer by RAM 08 August 2010

Figo Zxi or Platinum are the best bargain in petrol. I feel it's Value for money. The difference between Diesel & Petrol varient is roughly about Rs.1.00/Km one saves in diesel version. If u think u will drive the car in 3 to 4 years abt 100K Kms or more, then go for diesel version. Or else, Petrol is a good bargain to carry on with. I was told that the Figo petrol gives about 14kmpl on city roads, which is quite good. And in long routs it gives about 16kmpl

Answer by Smak 08 August 2010

Ford Figo petrol is giving 9 - 10 mileage in city, infact you should consider Hyundai i 10 or Chevrolet Beat or even Ritz, all these give 12 - 13 in city, and all these have rear power windows which figo does not have.

Answer by Sayeed 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

There are many owners of Figo gettin gmileage of around 12 KMPL on average in city driving. If mileage is main criterira then the new AltoK10 would be ther right selction for good combination of power and mileage with alto you can relay for mileage of 18KMPL in average.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

For the amount, Figo gives right value for money over other Cars in that segment.Figo offers lot more comfort and space(front, rear and boot space)over other cars in that segment and is perfect value for money.I own a Figo 1.2 Zxi petrol and driven it for 1200 kms or so.I love driving it.It ride quality is superior with quite useful features.First Service is still not done.currently,I have been getting around 13kmpl in city and 14.5 to 15 kmpl on highways which is quite decent i think.If some one is getting a lesser mileage, it depends on his driving habits more than anything else..

Answer by Ranganath G 08 August 2010

I own Ford figo petrol zxi red colour...the only problem about this car is mileage!..which is really very very poor...11km/litre without A/C in city.. another thing is pick is quiet ok!..the built of the car is good..boot space..level of comfort..and simple basic features are satisfying..but the only problem is about mileage!... i would suggest you to buy Chevy Beat..which really is good car in terms of mileage, looks, sturdy built, pick up, the only thing is its a bit light-weight car+ space is also compact..but good for city use

Answer by Devesh Jain 08 August 2010
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