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hyundai i 2o magna is a good car or maruti swift dezire lxxi model? i know these both cars are opposite to each other! con i 20 is premium hatchback and dezire is mid size seedan! though both cars in my budget, i like both of it but which one is best, good? thanxs...
By Ashish Sharma 08 August 2010

both cars are amzing!!! go which ever u wants dude.....

Answer by Aditya 08 August 2010

i would prefer dezire better then i20. although I20 has better interiors but the cr has no drive pleasure.

Answer by Varinder Singh 08 August 2010

i wont agree with varinder singh, with due respect i want to tell to mr singh dwzire mileage is low than i 20. and as ashish mentioned i 20 magna model vs dezire lxi model! so i want to tell u lxi model dont have any feature at all... at the same budget magna is worth of value! dezire even not pleasent to the eyes but i 20 does....

Answer by Aditya 08 August 2010

You should go for i20.

Answer by VKAgarwal 08 August 2010

thinking of long run, service, maintenance, resale value, Dezire is the best option.

Answer by Venkateshwarlu 08 August 2010

iam also in same situation not getting decide which one i should purchase i20 or swift Deirdre pls help me to get out of it

Answer by Davinder 08 August 2010

Quite surprising that the people are still not tired of the sickening interiors of Maruti cars. The worst part is Maruti is still not ready to learn a lesson. Although I myself own two maruti cars both five years old now, but when I recently wanted to buy another car, after a lot of survey, I went in for i10 automatic. Hyndui products are value for money. As far the mechanics is concerned, all cars are good, but a change that a person requires is that the interiors should be good and give u feeling of freshness.That way I found Hyndui product to be far better. So the choice is clear my friend--don't strain ur mind and go in for i20.

Answer by Rajesh Narula 08 August 2010

I20 should be better option.

Answer by Jagjit Singh 08 August 2010

if u buy a car for interiors then i20 is the choice. If ur lookinng for performing car on road then its dezire (i20 also performs well but next to dezire) y not consider polo, figo, punto and renault

Answer by Sai 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

Dzire has better utility as it is a sedan and also has proven performance onroad. Hyundai i20 is stylish and has good interior quality however still its a hatchback. Also recommended to test drive Tata Indigo Manza.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

As per the querry of ashish, i 20 magna is better option coz there r several reasons to buy-
1. its a luxurious hatch, space like a sedan, good head,leg,boot space osom interiors...
2. mileage of i 20 in city with A.C 11-12 practically, but dezire mileage is low.
3. dezire lxi model dont have any feature, in lxi model there is only power steering and front power windows...
4, dezire looks like a swift just something add in a back...
5. its so common! on roads like a swift dont create any enthu!!!

as engine concerns, they both have good engine kappa vs k series..... i should say go for i 20 magna fully loaded as compare to dezire lxi.... go for i 20 magna....

Answer by Nitika Singh 08 August 2010

mate both the cars u said r more or less of the same capabilities. depends if u r a denim clan(young) go for i20(flashy looks)and if wear tie under your chin go for dzire, more of sober looks

Answer by Donny 08 August 2010

thanks 4 the discussion. It helped me to go 4 Hyundai i20.

Answer by Dr Srikant 04 April 2011

i drive both car. i think i 20 would definately better.

Answer by Manish Tokase 04 April 2013

Comparatively u can try out pulse which has more safety and mileage

Answer by Dinoalfred 04 April 2013
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