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I am using XETA petrol; occationally using AC: gtg 16Km/l. Any tips to improve the mileage??
By KRG RAVINDRAN 08 August 2010

Dear KRG,
I think this is the good mileage you get.
and mileage totally depends upon the driving habit,road conditions,engine performance,tyre pressure etc.

Answer by Sanskar 08 August 2010

"Hehe... Bachche ki jaan loge, kya!" What more can be said...

Answer by Munnabhai 08 August 2010

drive at a constant speed of 45-50 in fifth gear to get better mileage. No matter you reach 2 hours late, but mileage will be good. :-))

Answer by Rajesh Patel 08 August 2010

ur getting enough,my nano gives 14kmpl in city/17kmpl highway

Answer by Manas 08 August 2010

16 km/ltr? you must be driving on highways only , without A/C & with constant speed of 45-55 km/ltr else this figure is unbelievable.
Friend , you are getting a real good mileage. Pls do't expect anything better.

Answer by Deepam Morparia 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

You are getting best of mileage from Xeta.Hence nothing to worry.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010
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