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Sir I was interested to buy a diesel car.Initially I had decided to buy Tata Safari Ex, but when I went for test drive on the demo veh experience was not too good as the veh was delapitated and it seemed that I was driving a truck. My heart is still goes out for Safari but given the experience now intend to go in for Fiat Linea Emotion Diesel or Honda city or Toyota corrolla Diesel D-4 DG Model . May I request you to kindly guide me to finally home on to one car which the expert may like to recommend for buy out of the above mentioned models. I solicit frank opinions please. Thank you
By Inder Thomas 08 August 2010


Answer by Dr Raj 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among the options mentioned, Fiat Linea Emotion would be the right selection for the combination of power,style.interiors and value for the money invested.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

Inder, you need to have a fixed budget in mind. From your comment it seems that you are comparing vehicles across wrong categories and pricepoints. Thats not the logical way to go about it. You have to compare Safari with another SUV in t and around that price range. Like scorpio maybe. Innova is MPV, you can compare that with the Xylo not safari.
If diesel is what you want, pls fix a price range in your mind. Because if you are considering Altis..then you should also look at the Chevy Cruise, you will be blown away. Its more like a sports car. But it is pricey..keep that in mind...then you are coming closer to the toyota fortunener zone...

Answer by Madjack 08 August 2010

Dear Sir,
As regards diesel technology toyota corrolla is the best choice because lookwise it is much better than tata safari.
So you should go for a toyota corolla as toyota is the forerunner in diesel technology.

Thanks and kind regards,
D.N.Singh Narwal

Answer by D N Singh Narwal 08 August 2010

Hello friend, pl do not even think of buying a HONDA CITY. Reasons: Rear suspension is very very pathetic. In case u go for a drive after food, u have a vomiting feeling due to poor suspension. Getting in and out of the car is very difficult. Tall people are very difficult to enter. So do not buy the vehicle. No point.

Answer by Nitin Modak 08 August 2010

I own a Safari Gx and have been driving it for about a year now. As such I will reserve my comments only to Safari, it would unfair on my part to comment on any of the other cars as I have never driven any of the models mentioned by you.

safari is a great SUV and in my opinion the best, in the 10-12 lacs bracket. The best VFM. But the same can not be said about Tata Motor dealerships or their After Sales Services network. So don't form your opinion on the basis of a demo vehicle which was not in good shape. There must be other Tata dealerships in your town, visit them and ask them if they have a model in better shape. For TD purposes, its not necessary that u go for the exact same model. Other than ABS/EBD, 4WD and the security system, every other difference between various safari models are purely cosmetic.

Answer by A K 08 August 2010

As you have said that you heart goes for Safari, please get in touch with other TATA dealer and take another test drive. I bet you will love driving the bull.

Answer by Abhijit 08 August 2010

Dear Inder,
Go to another dealer and take test drive.
and and GO ONLY FOR SAFARI............!
Its the best SUV.

Answer by Rahul 08 August 2010

The vehicles you are mentioning are totally diffrent and are of diffrent segment. Do you really know what you want?
what are your requirements ? what is daily usage? pl. note that all three vehicles are good considering enginering point of view. So pl. note down your requirement because all cars have some positive and some negative points.

Answer by Sagar Ade 08 August 2010

can I tell you something about the demo vehicles?
well... the dealer has to purchase even the demo vehicle with his own money to some extent and majority of the people who never buy the vehicle, but who need to have a driving thrill of the latest model, just take it for a test drive and handle the said vehicle in a very rough manner, testing it as if they are the best race drivers in the world. The poor dealer can not raise an objection fearing that the deal would not materialize and lets the trial go unhindered. So every time because of the rough usage one or the other part of the vehicle conks down and every time the dealer can not afford to spend a lot of money to keep the vehicle in a mint condition. so most of the demo vehicles are prone to rattles and poor performance. so never judge the real capabilities of the vehicle by just having a trial ride. As the owner of Tata safari for last 11 years , I can solemnly declare that its the best value for money and also the maintanence is the cheapest amongst its own category of SUVs

Answer by Vishoo 08 August 2010

as a safari owner i can bet that its the best vehicle in its price range .i own abmw x5 petrol and recently ive bought a used endevour but i still love my safari dicor 2.2 and find it the most thrilling drive even today .rest if u want to go for a car then i would recommend chevy cruze it's a beast ,i personally find altis d having the worst front grill and they have really spoilt the looks of the corolla altis .the complete black grill looks like a stripped down version of a lower end vehicle .

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

And here goes Rajiv again "HIS BMW BUT LIKES HIS SAFARI".May be 200 times this answer has been put.Wht u want to project do u like ur BMW or Safari or u should not have shelled so much money on BMW>

Answer by Manav 08 August 2010

If you aAre interested in a SUV like vehicle, try XYLO - Celebration model from mahindra. It is good value for money with all the luxury. I own one and believe me driving it is just sheer pleasure and nothing else. Power steering, stereo etc are more than what you can expect for the price being paid.

Answer by Atul Singhal 08 August 2010

Mr manav ,for 201st time i want to say i own an X5 but still drive and love my safari ,i dont find anything which is not clear about it .its very simple that i love suv's and keep buying them so what's the issue to react as if ive asked you to pay for my vehicles and in any case the answer was not meant for you,and if you find me boasting and trying to showoff ,yes im ,bcoz ive slogged for it ,its not that my vehicles have been gifted to me by some rich uncle.your reaction seems to be more a matter of sour grapes.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

Thank you all for the valuable advice. My wife took a test drive on a new Tata Safari and she was totally floored. Hence we have decided to go Tata safari. I am sure the experience will be great as most of the Tata safari owners have good words for it.
Thanks once again

Answer by Inder Thomas 08 August 2010

a great choice ,i can bet u 'll love the vehicle ,makesure you get it serviced on time and it will serve u for years without trouble. happy safarying.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

Thank you Mr Rajiv. Anything in particular to be checked in the vehicle before picking up the safari

Answer by Inder Thomas 08 August 2010

any diesel vehicle is like a stressed metro city man who has to perform under any circumstances just make sure he breathes easy and has healthy blood ,proper and timely change of engine oil and clean filters will keep the vehicle going on for a much longer period without comprmising on efficiency.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

you can wait till volkswaen vento and decide.

Answer by Javaraju 08 August 2010

Dear Rajiv, since the time I have seen ur comments about Tata Safari (a vehicle I have always admired, but b'coz of Tata Brand never thought of buying it) I m anxious to know about its suspension. My wheel alighnment guy as well as other mechanics have told me that even for any adjustments in wheel alighnment, one has to open the entire suspension. Is it true? Pl let me know.Rajesh Narula.9810738520.

Answer by Rajesh Narula 08 August 2010

God....I do not know who is that guy who told you such a crap. Its the simplest thing to do and wont even take 20 minutes to set right the wheel alignment and costs just Rs 200/=

Answer by Vishoo 08 August 2010

Dear Rajesh ,
i agree with vishoo's comment about the wheel alignment,Rajesh ive been using tata vehicles for almost ten years and the only thing which i feel is these vehicles need a little extra care ,what i mean is maintainance right from the begining,most of the people who complain about the trouble are people who have bought used vehicles which have been used carelessly by the previous owners .the new generation of tata cars are troublefree and pleasure to drive, though i cannot say the same for many tata dealerships but then its the same with ford and skoda dealerships.

Answer by Rajiv 08 August 2010

I would like to thank Vishno and Rajiv for their usefull comments and clearing the air about Tata Safari. I feel that Cartrade is the best forum to discuss automobile related issues. Now I would definetly take a test drive of Tata Safari and let's see how things shape up. One thing more I would like to share with all my friends and that it's been my paasion to own a Scorpio but twice I've gone for a test drive, and both times I din't find the vehicle to be good enough and thus both times I purchased another cars.Thank u once again.

Answer by Rajesh Narula 08 August 2010
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