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What is the difference in terms of mileage and longivity of the i10 iRDE and i10 kappa(the new engine)engines and is it worth the difference?

By Nima on Sep 1, 2008


  • Expert Hi,
    Performance wise i10 kappa has new engine with brilliant performance in terms of mileage and speed .Again only drawback is high PRICE.Otherwise best in its class.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Sep 1, 2008

  • All my friends say that Servicing of car once purchased is a pain in the neck. Secondly why
    Hyundai does not display milage on its website
    is a question to be answered by Hyundai Motors
    as we the people of India want fuel efficient cars ? and what with prices of Petrol going up and up...& last but not least it is a costly car

    Answer by Geeta on Sep 2, 2008

    Answer by Bittu 786 on Oct 7, 2008

  • In terms of mileage the diff between the i10 and i10 kappa is negligible in real world situation. However the new engine is more reliable and being more technologically advanced will score high on longitivity points. Hyundai service being very cost effective and 2nd best only to Suzuki means the extra price diff of about 30k is not much in the long run
    Answer by Abhishek Nagpal on Sep 3, 2008

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