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Hi I am a buying a new hyundai i10 car. Color - Oyster Grey. My dob is 10 july 1984. When is the auspicious day to buy the car Thanks Neethu
By Neethu 08 August 2010

23 aug.2010 1.35pm to 4.32pm

Answer by RK SOLANKI 08 August 2010

Hi Neethu, Every day is a good and auspicious day and any time is a good time. Do NOT get supersticious.Just hold good thoughts in your mind all day long and go out of way to help needy people. NOTHING bad will ever happen to you.
Do not crave for more and more like ambanis and mittals!!

Answer by Hemant 08 August 2010

Dear hemant,

She is asking some question regarding astrology related to automobiles and you have not answered her question properly. Let the expert do their job and let us explore more about the subject by watching the expert's answers.

Answer by Vishoo 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

For date of birth mentioned, wednesday,Thursday,Friday and Sunday are very good.You can select any convenient day from 11th of august for the same.
Recommended to put a Safron Band in the car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010


Answer by Mohan 08 August 2010


We being traditional Hindus believe in our religion so is the case of astrology, there are instances where people will take expert's/seniors advice and do according to their instructions and have a peace of mind, people with western culture/modern thinking who doesn't believe in those things, simply ignore these and face a lot of hurdles in their life, even now western world is understanding the importance ancient philosophy and its advantages so they are also following our traditions of ayurveda, yoga, astrology etc., which gives some kind of settlement/peace of mind to their life.

Answer by S Joshi 08 August 2010
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