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sir hello .good tu ead such informative articles.i adds tu ur undestanding ,no dought. I awnted tu ask a basic Q .shall we apply cluch when we apply break. As i feel when whole motion sequence is woking while car is moving ,applying a break automatically transmit pressure tu engine no ? some thing like pushing from both ends.Does it waste fuel and Does it damage engines rings. tx dr m u kulkarni
By Dr M U Kulkarni 08 August 2010
Expert`s comment:

Generally while applying brakes clutch pedal is also applied to avoid jerks as there will be abrupt reduction in speed for the respective gear.If we hold clutch pedal then we can shift the gear to lower gears as required for the respective speed and hence when we leave clutch pedal there would be no jerking.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 08 August 2010

It is fine art. While you apply brake you should not immediately apply clutch as well, doing this will make your brake fade quickly. Ideal way is apply clutch just before the car is about to stop that too gradually. This way you will be able to stop much more smoothly, increase brake pad life. This will not adversely affect mileage in any way.

In case you just want to slow the car by braking, clutch should be only used for changing gear.

Answer by Nilabh 08 August 2010

Nilabh is correct. Apply brake first and when the car starts 'knocking' ie just abt to stop apply clutch.
Theoratically tis is fine but when driving start-stop method in heavy traffic then it all goes for a toss and clutch is kept pressed for fear of shutting down the engine!!!

Answer by Hemant 08 August 2010

I think the question is not properly understood and answered. I feel that pressing of clutch is essential when brakes are applied. This helps smooth stoppage of car and also less consumption of energy. But I am still a layman and cannot understand why some experts recommend against applying clutch while braking the vehicle. Some one can perhaps give more comments on this.

Answer by M R Goplani 08 August 2010

I feel the application of brake & clutch have to go on simultaneously if the driver is certain that the reduction in speed would necessitate a gear change.Otherwise a gentle depression of the brake pedal would suffice.
It may not be a good idea to just depress the brake pedal when there is going to be substantial reduction in speed and go for the clutch only when the engine knocks. I would prefer to have a worn out brake pad than make the engine knock a million times in a few years.

Answer by Sudeep 08 August 2010

As far as my knowledge goes, while bringing the car to a complete stop one should first depress the brake pedal and then the clutch to disengage the gear so the less brake power is required to stop the vehicle.This also prevents an abrupt halt of the car with a jolt.This is what I was told when learning driving.As I am not an expert I would appreciate information in the matter from experts.

Answer by Robin 08 August 2010
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