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I feel the diference in YAMAHA RX 135 and YAMAHA RXG especialy in engine pick up how we can solve this problem in YAMAHA RXG my friend advised to increes the weight of CRANK. Is it suitable for this problem if it proper how we can solve this problem corectly give me further advices?
By Ameen 09 September 2008
Expert`s comment:


Best and easy method is to keep good condition of vehicle by servicing at regular intervals and using quality fuel and engine oil.Increasing in weight of crank is a design problem and lot of related parameters to be considered for that .Hence recommend you not to go for alteration and instead follow preventive maintenance procedure .

Answer by Shiva Shankar 09 September 2008

I don think increasing the crank weight will deliver more power because thechnically it makes your pition to carry more load.How ever to increase pick up the less scientific and easily acheivable way is to improve the fule inflow into your cylinder.But keep in mind it is not at all the technically competent solution by replacing the carbureattor.but again i said you vehicle is designed for a particular amount of air fuel mixture..when you make the mixture rich you will have to pay extra on the petrol bills and you are polutting the nature with more unburnt hydrocarbons since hte engine is two stroke..So better saty away from this and spent couple of more bucks and upgrade yourself to a higher powered version..

Answer by Basenth Mathew Thomas 09 September 2008

you should change the clutch asesembly of yamaha rxg( 71/22) to yamaha rx 135 (73/19) which increase the engine rpm. as rxg has 6500 rpm and rx 135 has 7500 rpm. also change the chain sprokit to 15/37(rxg) to 16/34 rx(135)

Answer by Siddharth 12 December 2014

If u really want good pick up increase jet ports and Transfer ports if not satisfied change engine clutch plates. Eg (racing friction plates) and high tension springs

Answer by AARON 11 November 2013

dear friends am n confusion coz of yamaha rx bikes.i like to buy yamah rx bike.please tell me which one is gud 135 or rxg ?

Answer by Sijimon 06 June 2014

I have to change my rxg wiring can any help me to get a best quality of wiring

Answer by Anant 01 January 2016

Rxg is better than Rx 135...........

Answer by Rahul 04 April 2016

Hi I have rxg dead condition because of Chennai flood know planning to get recondition pls give any suggestions

Answer by Vinoth 07 July 2016

hii iam rocky .. in chennai i have rxg 135 but its going only 45 speed .. and engine sound is changing what i want to do.. i serviced but the pick up is not giving..

Answer by Rocky 10 October 2016

Rocky!! Check out for air in your 2t engine oil tank, ask mechanic to release air from engine oil tank, i think your engine is not getting regular flow of oil...

Answer by Sohail 12 December 2016

Hey boys . Iam nt a pro. Bt shiva shankar is rit Rxg,s crank with unbalanced weight. To solve that in old days company fitted an extra crank weight on clutch side called roter

Answer by Arun 04 April 2017

you u can change the magnet and coil for better perfmance for rxg.rxg is better than rx135 . Rxg have more cluth power thanboth rx135and100. But fast mvinng mechain is 100

Answer by Arun 04 April 2017

exactly which part makes the difference in sound between rx100 and rxg

Answer by Ram 09 September 2017

i like rx100 sound so i want the sound in my rxg bike,any one suggest me how to get exact rx 100 sound...

Answer by Ram 09 September 2017

i like rx100 sound so i want the sound in my rxg bike,any one suggest me how to get exact rx 100 sound...

Answer by Ram 09 September 2017

my yamaha rxg bore noise is problem or not

Answer by Rafeek 05 May 2019


Answer by Bond 05 May 2020

Rx g best but long pickup

Answer by Bond 05 May 2020

Rx135g spares part

Answer by Anil Kumar 08 August 2020
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