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Hi Shiva Sir My DOB is 28/10/1980, when would be favorable to buy a car. regards RS Santthosh
By RS Santthosh 07 July 2010

Whenever you have the money to spend on the car, is a favourable time to buy :D

ha ha.. this is a car forum buddy, not an astrology forum !!

Answer by Krishna 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

For the date of birth metioned, its favourable time to buy car till december this year.

Attn Mr Krishna .
Please check the article below, it would give all necessary info in this regard.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

Pl. don't adulterate this forum by introducing astrology.We prefer serious and practical discussions on automobiles and bikes.

Answer by Robin 07 July 2010

whether to believe something or not to is completely a personal choice .i personally do not believe in astrology or related science but my reason in not believing in it is bcause i raise a question on the geninity of the astrologer not astrology as a science ,rest ive seen many people who talk big about not beliving in such things meeting astrologers pundits and perfoming various stupid rites in the darkness of the night BELIEF IS A PERSONAL CHOICE and has nothing like adultreating a forum ,if someone wants to consult an astrologer before buying a car,choosing its number or color who are we to object, its his choice and by reading these comments one might find something interesting whether u follow it or not depends on u.

Answer by Rajiv 07 July 2010

The best time to buy a car is hwen you work hard and save money and have spare cash to maintain the vehicle as well.

Answer by Rajesh 07 July 2010

Mr Robin and Mr Rajesh..

Please try to behave yourself and do not try to impose your views on rest of the viewers, who find the astrology consultation as a very useful option . If you do not believe in astrology fine. Keep your opinion just for yourselves. Moreover you people are not the owners of Cartrade India .com or rule makers for this website. So mind your language.

Answer by Vishoo 07 July 2010

lIfe is being satisfied and satisfaction is absolute i.e it depends upon urself
If a person beleives in astrology and it not disturbing his day to day life there is nothing wrong in getting astro help it satisfies you and help making ur decision stronger

Answer by Harpreet Singh 08 August 2010


Answer by Vishoo 08 August 2010
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