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Hi i am planning to buy a swift,my traveling distance is monthly 300 km only,so pls let me know VXI or VDI which one is best.
By Ram 07 July 2010

Diesel engine should run a minimum of 70 KM per day an average. You may not cross 10 KM per day.For running 300 KM in a month you may require 25 Ltrs of petrol costing you around 800 Rs. For Diesel version it will be Rs.600. For a matter of Rs.200 the maintenance will be very high after free services. So better go with a VXI.

Answer by Nagarjunababu 07 July 2010

with a meagre running for 300 kms per month go for petrol model only since waiting for diesel is almost 4 months and diesel is fit for a running of 3000 kms or more
best of luck

Answer by RAJU SINGH 07 July 2010

Hi Ram,
I suggest go for Diesel. Future is Diesel, as can be seen the way diesel engines have been refined over a period of time. The best of mileage and performance can be seen in all diesel vehicles. Swift & Dzire - Diesel both are x'tremely fine tuned vehicle which can be experienced once you drive these cars.

Answer by Anil Gunecha 07 July 2010

Dear friend as other people have told, I think petrol version would best suit your requirement considering your monthly usage. Think of extra money you need to pay when you buy the diesel version and reaching of break even considering the difference in cost per km and then the resale value of both versions when you sell it. Please note that the difference between cost of petrol and diesel will reduce gradually depending upon the govt.decisions.

Answer by Anil Pais 07 July 2010

go for petrol there will be no problem at all because if in future you want to use it 3000 km in a month than you can fitt cng also so u have 2 option than so dont worry and go for petrol

Answer by Rahul 07 July 2010

Before you rush off to buy the Swift, I would like you to test ride the new Wagon R. It has specifically been made for people like yourself, who have limited use, mostly in the city. Just remember this is the improved version with new chassis, new engine, new linkage. So you stand to gain a lot actually. The majestic seating position and overall space inside will surprise you. Give it a try. It pays not to overlook the obvious.

Answer by Microman 07 July 2010


Answer by DEEPAK 07 July 2010

there is not too much difference in the petrol & diesel prices & hence going for the petrol model would be a better choice. Also you dont even travel too many kms so the initial cost wouldnt be justified & hence the diesel aould be unworthy. But if you have an affinity towards diesel then go for it.

Answer by Madhav 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

For the usage mentioned petrol version would be better on account of lower inital investment.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

According to my opinion for 300 km/month, then you go for a Petrol version. Swift average 13 to14 km/lt in city. So your monthly investment is Just 21 to 22 lt/month. It means you need to spend only Rs 1200 to 1300/month. Yes definitely Diesel version will give you a bit high average & price of diesel is also Rs 15 to 17 less than petrol. But initial investment in Price between Petrol & Diesel model is approx Rs 85K to 90K difference. You just calculate how much KM you drive in Rs 85K to 90K petrol?

My Calculation as follows...

You can purchase 1450 to 1525 lt petrol in Rs 85K-90K.
You Can Drive 20500 to 21500 Km in in Rs 85K-90K.
If We consider your monthly drive is just 300 km so u can use this petrol in next 70 to 75 months ie almost in next 6 years.

And you will get low maintenance in Petrol version as compare in Diesel version will 'Peace of Mind'.

So think & purchase the right model.

ALL THE BEST & Happy Drive.

Answer by Mayur Kulkarni 07 July 2010

VXi for usage mentioned
No need to pay xtra 4 diesel

Answer by HARPREET 07 July 2010
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