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Am planning to buy an suv,i narrowed down my choices to Montero and New Prado.Apart from price which is better?New prado does not come with multi terrain switch in india,so we cant select the differential lock and all other gears and hence only the permanent 4 wheel drive system,unlike in Montero.Will this be a problem in serious offroading?I have also heard that the New prado will automatically adjust even though it dosent have the differential lock switch or lower drive gears.
By Sasi Menon 07 July 2010

I would say, if you can wait for 5-6 month, then BMW X1 is about to launch in India, and it will be pricing somewhere around 28lacs on road.

Answer by Faizal 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

Both Montero and Prado feature almost similar capacity engines. Montero is available with 5 speed Manuat and 5 speed automatic transmission system consists of super select 4WD system. In Prado Transmission is of 5 speed automatic and drive system is all time 4WD.The adjustability of offroad conditions is automatic in Prado.
Looks wise Montero is having decent official styling and Prado has bold design.
Considering overall factors, Montero would be a good selection and Prado would be better selection for its newness and bit larger dimensions.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

Having owned both the models for over 3 year simultaneously, Prado 2006 and Pajero 2006 (It is still called Pajero in Southern Africa, and not Montero), I would go for the Prado with eyes blindfolded. Reasons? Given undeneath:

1. Adaptive air suspension on Prado. It makes a world of difference between the prado and montero. After 10 hours of travelling, you emerge from the prado not tired, while the montero leaves you with aches and fatigue.

2. Interiors - Better on prado than montero. Quality of trim is also better. Upholstery is better. Also, feels more upmarket than montero which still feels like a 'dabba' SUV.

3. Noises and groans - None from Prado. Montero tends to develop noises and groans after about a year.

4. Handling - Though Pajero is renowned for winning dakar rally countless times, the prado handles must better on road and in the rough than Montero.

5. Reliability - Toyota anyday! Even a Merc here gives out given the kind of terrain and driving conditions. Montero has niggling problems in this area too, which irritate a lot after paying such a huge amount for a car.

Hope this information helps.

Answer by Satdeep 07 July 2010

i completely agree with satdeep's opinion .Toyota vehicles are definitely much comfortable and reliable in this braket and what satdeep has explained is very close observation of both the vehicles but my choice is my BMW X5 PETROL on which i ve some serious rough terrain driving recentlt and i loved its performance.

Answer by Rajiv 07 July 2010
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