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Sir, I have Wagon R 2006 VXI model. 1) One local engineer told me that there is an oil leak from Engine. What does he really mean? And how i can myself make out? 2) While operating steering wheel when the car is stationary it makes some noise,may be its an axle noise and i guess it is coming from steering axle, wat can be the problem. 3) Also i am only getting mileage of 10 kmpl in city with 50% AC, which is quite low. I got my car serviced in April and had done all oil changes. Please Suggest. Thanks
By Swappy 07 July 2010

HI bro dont wory,i ask u 1 thing tht ur oil liking frm which part its comming 4m joint area or frm the bolt,if its comming 4m drain bolt ,thn change the bolt,if its comming frm joint thn ask in maruti work shop,thn u hav 2 change oil sil,

(2)sound comming frm front wheel,if sound com whn u turn right,thn u hav 2 change the driving saft or conector,if sound comming frm left thn u hv 2 change the left side,

(3)Mileage in city its depends on traffic,dont think tht its bcoz of AC no whn company told the mileage tht time its wth AC,ok thn chear n b happy,


Om Prakash

Answer by Om Prakash 07 July 2010

Take ur car to the Dealer from where purchased the Car and
tell him ur problems and he will solve it for U. Please do not take your car to Roadside garages.

Answer by Sadanand 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

For oil leakage proper inspection has to be done for checking out source of leakage.Check the engine oillevel using dip stick provided.If its in safe limit if above first mark fromlower portionthen it can be run otherwise better call brakedown service.
For the sound while taking the squeking sound could befrom weaker bushesThe remedy is to check and replace the same.
Mileage of 10KMPL with AC in city traffic condition seems to be alright.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010
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