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As small car concept is the trend picking up to hit Indian roads why don't Car mfrs think of introducing Small 4 Seater JEEPS like vehicles with limited body -big wheels....Looking to Indian road conditions in rural areas (almost 70 % )a Small JEEP is ideal Vehicle which will serve Indian market like Hond bikes...
By Akhil V 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

Its an innovative idea and can be implimented with suitable techniques.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

A nice idea. I feel the premier RIO can be considered as a vehicle in this category.

Answer by Yogesh 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

It is a GOOD IDEA, and HOPE all the MANUFACTURERS of AUTO in INDIA START DEsigning the same.
Yes, there is a shortage of such type especially for INDIAN
Rural roads and Maruti can take up this challenge along with Cervos for CITY/Long distance and RURY for RURAL operation.
EVen TATA can place a similar car as they know it better as they are experts in Commercial vehicles. I think they can update ACE and do some tinkering with better suspension and bring down the Wheel base to a smaller size around 100 inches, and have a four wheel drive,and with the ACE engine, it should work. The only requirement is MORE GROUND CLEARANCE,BIGGER TYRES, and GOOD SUSPENSION with STRONGER DESIGN to run on RURAL ROADS, and a proven engine, like the
ACE DIESEL and they can come out with a PETROL engine also.
ARE YOU HEARING TATAs, and Marutis, and new MANUFACTURERS like BAJAJ,,,,
DR P C RAO< Auto COnsultant.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 07 July 2010

Mr. Shiva comment about Technical aspect is amazing.Analytical and substantial information and advice is remarkable.

Answer by Rama Shanker Pandey 07 July 2010

Suzuki has one vehicle called Jimny it is smaller than Gypsy but good looking sports vehicle. Maruti can introduce in India too. Fiat's Rio will be another flop. This time China will make a flop vehicle for FIAT.

Answer by Rony Wilson 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

If anyone goes to Punjab, he will see the Sardarji in the farms convert the OLD JEEP or Manufacture a vehicle with Jeep chassis,some Petter Diesel Engine which they can use it for water pump and other farm needs, and a jeep axles,and some items which are available in the Scrap, and run a vehicle to take the farm produce with very limited amount.
But this is just an idea but it cannot be used on long distance roads unless it is designed properly .
This is just for info and not a comparison or an answer to this question.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 07 July 2010

M & M is already on to the idea.
Xylo is being modified / redesigned with truncating the part at the end & making it under 4 mtr.
This will be "Xylo small" with less than 4 mts length & smaller engine to get Excise benefit & will be something between MPV & Jeep. May be Indian designed Rio equivalent.

Answer by Deepam Morparia 07 July 2010
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