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i bought a new santro xing xs lpg version in 2009 ending but till now im getting a mileage about 8-9 in lpg n 7-8km in petrol in the cities in A/c fed up with this mileage there any solution totally fed up.
By Srujan 07 July 2010

Santro should give 12 to 13 with Ac in the city trafic, pls check with your dealer and see the engine tuning and mileage. After the dealer check up If everthing is good in the Santro then you should change your driving habbits. Make sure proper tyre pressure, do not drive with half clutch, use proper gear selection for your speed.

Answer by Vinoth 07 July 2010

Your car is very new.So if there is no fuel leakage there is only one conclusion that is "You do not drive properly".
You should shift to 3rd gear at 20 kmph. 4th gear at 35kmph and 5th at 50 kmph. This should return 15kmpl in petrol mode.

Answer by Sagar S Ade 07 July 2010

I tried many things to increase the milage of my Lancer fitted with LPG kit. After many trials, just these 2 things gave me the real relief.
1. Advancing the stock timing of the engine by 3 more points.
2. Cleaning the mpfi injectors ( this has to be done by the expert who have the injector cleaning machine ) The total cost of all these repairs will not exceed more than Rupees 250.00.

Hope these minor tweaks solve your problem.

Answer by Vishoo 07 July 2010

i own santro xing xl and it is is giving me a milage of almost 15 km in city with a/c and 18 km in highways

Answer by A G Murali 07 July 2010

Should go 13 KM in city with AC.

Answer by Jatinder Singh 07 July 2010

I also own santro xing bought in 2004.I never got FE of over 10 even when the car was new in bombay traffic (95%).now after 5year the car was giving me only 8 so I fitted CNG and am getting around 12-12.5. I dont know how people say they get 12, 14,15 In santro.even my friend never got above 10.

Answer by Varinder Singh 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

The mileage you are getting inboth modes is quite low.Please get the same inspected and mileagecheckdone at authorised workshop. As the car is under warranty, dealer must provide solution free of cost.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010
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