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I am a new biker, I wanted to know what stuff should I do to keep my new bike perfect like run and shine like new?

By Shehzaan Ahmed on Aug 28, 2008


  • Expert Hi,

    Please wash or wipe the bike daily .Use standard polishing solutions for better shining, Check tyre pressure , use good fuel ,give bike to service regularly as per recmondations by manufacturer.Ride at constant speed.Above all follow traffic rules and avoid accidents.Follow the quote "A little care makes accidents Rare"
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Aug 29, 2008

  • For best life out of your bike, be sure to let the engine run for about a minute before you move your bike when cold starting, for example, the first time in the day. This will allow for the oil to reach a minimum temperature and viscosity inside your engine and won't let parts wear out quickly.

    Please do NOT ride your bike at constant engine speed. This will cause your engine to get set for one range of temperatures and refuse to perform when demanded. Please accelerate freely through the gears and brake smoothly.

    You need to wash your bike every day only if you are dirtying it that much. But do not ever wipe it with a cloth when dry. Dust can scratch your bike. Use wax polish over your painted areas.
    Answer by B S Kumar on Aug 29, 2008

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