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Hi Shiva, My date of birth is 20.06.1970 and I owned several cars but my dream is buy house I bought site but not to my taste, as my site little away from City(30 km to Blore) and not interested to construct house there but wanted it in city,is there any chance to buy/construct house in Blore, also I want to buy luxury car, my nakshtra is Anuradha and rasi is Scorpio (rishchika)
By Shyam S Joshi 07 July 2010
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S Joshi
Your date of birth given indicated Dhanur rashi.Please confirm the same and also if you can provide time and place, it would be convinient to provide best solution.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

Hi shivshankarji,

My place of birth is Sandur in Bellary dist Karnataka and time in the morning around 6-7 am (but not sure) & my rasi is surely rishchika and not Dhanur as per my birth horoscope, am a hard worker and whatever I earned till date is thr my sheer hard work. please answer my first question.

Answer by Shyam S Joshi 07 July 2010

Hi Shyam,
Very simple, since your rasi is Rischika, I suggest you must buy Mahindra scorpio.

Answer by Mangatram 07 July 2010
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