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Regarding LPG fitting in my Ford ICON I want to know whether the conversion of fuel may give troble than maruthi cars as I was using Maruthi Esteem LPG car without problems. Kindly advice through our experts (Friends)

By Swaminathan on Aug 28, 2008


  • Expert Hi,
    As you have personally experienced good outcome of using LPG . we recomend you to go ahead for Ikon also.
    Answer by Shiva Shankar on Aug 29, 2008

  • LPG conversion should pose no problems Sir. It is great for the engine, great for your pocket, and great for the economy! No worries!
    Answer by B S Kumar on Aug 29, 2008

  • hi there, its good you are having a good experience with you esteem with a gas kit. how ever i'd like to caution you with conversion on your ford ikon. firstly is it a 1.3 or a 1.6 ?

    for a 1.6 its an absolute failure. you'll find your self running to the mech atleast once a week. in the 1.3 its not 100% successful.
    i have a ford 1.6 my self & most of the time i find even the mechanics complaining about these cars giving trouble.
    Answer by Munaf Patel on Sep 5, 2008

  • i have totally agree with Mr. Munaf Patel..
    icon is not successful with the gas kit ... i had the problem with by 1st icon 1.3 with gas kit i got the engine down because of gas ... i i get new one again .... i sold my old one is only in 22,000/- 1998 model ..endura engine i thought u have the rocam engine in u r icon. drive icon only on petrol man ... u get the supereb result buddy .. it is one of the classic class one choice of royalyies . ford icon owner do not think about milage or any thing just look at the performance ....... like realy josh machine ..
    Answer by Nil on Oct 20, 2008

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