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I want a clarification about Ford Figo. The rear windows can not be opened fully. Only 60% can be opened. Is it a problem if somebody wnats to open the door and enjoy the nature outside beauty/breeze? Is that design good? I have not seen this type of rear window design in other models?
By JP Rao 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

There wont be problem in viewing outside as the angle and positioning is such that gazing outside is easy. The advantage is the redued dust entering into the car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

Hi mr.Rao,

What Mr.Shiva explained is exactly right, as I too have similar windows for my Matiz for rear windows half opening just to ensure dust not enters and also for children's safety is also a second option, you can opt for full opening if u dont like this way.(ie., half view)

Answer by S Joshi 07 July 2010

WTF!!! .... is that a answer ... ????
Do dust need half or full entrance ?? As per your answers you say that there is no need of windows itself because dust will enter ... :PPPPPPPP

Answer by Ddsfds 12 December 2010

even fiat palio has that type of design, it is not a problem at all because even if u open the windows slightly the breeze will come, so dont worry, anyways everyone nowadays with ac on

Answer by Rajesh 12 December 2010

Even Fiat Punto has same feature(actually problem).
I don't understand logic behind half opening of the window.
Can it really be modified, so that we can open window completely.

Answer by Torgal 12 December 2010
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