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Why water is spilling out from silencer in some of the petrol cars? what does it indicates?
By SenthilG 07 July 2010

hydrocarbons (HC)get converted to carbon dioxide and water:

This is the water that we see in the silencer.

Generally water evaporates in the form of steam : but in the morning time, silensor will leave a trail, especially while driving in reverse.

Answer by RAKESH 07 July 2010

dear this indicates that ur engine is working properly & its good....hope its not oil which is coming out of the silencer & if it is oil then the engine is bad not good at all.

Answer by Dipanshu 07 July 2010

Maybe it is water from your Air condition

Answer by Mangatram 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

Mr Rakesh has given the exact information.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

There is nothing to be alarmed about. Water vapour is also a by-product of the combustion process and all petrol engined cars spout small quantities of water from their tail pipes, first thing in the morning. Please do not blame the cleaner or anyone else for this.

Answer by Microman 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

People should not use this medium if they are not sure.
Someone informs that it is the water from the Air conditioner??
How such answers are printed.
Mr Shiva has to go through the answers and then publish it.
Many a time, I find, people enthusiastically give some suggestions as though they are Service engineers and Expert in the particular Make or model.
Please avoid such answers.

Water spray is GOOD and it shows that your engine is in first class shape and no need to worry.

Spark Plugs in petrol engines also give a very good idea about the combustion of gases and its efficency.

Good reading.

Answer by Dr P C Rao 07 July 2010

This means your engine is perfect dont worry about it :)

Answer by JKJK 08 August 2010

Catalytic converter do this it work like as catalyst and NOx+ HC+ CO converted into N2+CO2+H2O .catalytic converter made from palladium , platinum and rhodium

Answer by Jitender Kumar 02 February 2016

The question is why the water leaking from silencer and the car alarm overheating no water in tank every 1 km you need to refill the tank now please tell me what is the problem.

Answer by Ajmal 02 February 2023
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