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sir, you said that V2 engine means 2 cylinders arranged in v shape. Then in indica V2, is there only two cylinder in that car? Is that a four cylinder car?
By Arjun 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

As far as Indica is concerned, it is the name given for the upgraded varient of Indica.Henece nothing to do with cylinder arrangement.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

Initially Indica comes with lot of complaints,After consumers feedback Tata Motors incorporated the corrections and released the indica as version 2 in 2001.Henceforth the renewed model called as Indica V2.

Answer by SenthilG 07 July 2010

Tata Motors should have used some other designation for their car instead of V2. This is misleading because all over the motorcycle world, this means a twin cylinder engine arranged in the classic V configuration. However considering the fact that the majority of new buyers can hardly differenciate between their A pillars and C pillars, Tata took a chance and decided to go ahead with the catchy name, despite having a regular 4 cylinder engine.

Answer by Micromana 07 July 2010

My answer is 4

Answer by Nitya Nrupen Salunkhe 11 November 2017

My answer is 4

Answer by Nitya Nrupen Salunkhe 11 November 2017
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