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Recently (Apr'10) I bought an Aveo Uva. It is giving a mileage of 7km/litre for city driving. I expected it to improve after the first servicing but there is no change. Have driven this car for ~2000km. What is the average mileage one can expect from Aveo Uva? Is there any steps to be taken which will improve the mileage? Thank you.
By Amudhan 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

The mileage you ar egetting is quite less considering expected mileage of around 13 to14KMPL of aveo. Please get the milegecheckdone onthe car using equipments available at authorised workshops.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

Chvorlet cars when comes to FE they r bad.Even there new small car Beat gives less than 10 in city like Bombay.Uva is bigger than that so don't expect more than 8-9.but if u getting 7 which is quite less. Either u r driving in Bumper to Bumper traffic or some thing wrong with ur car. Get it checked.

Answer by Varinder Singh 07 July 2010

These are all all flop cars. GM is almost a bankrupt abroad also as they make cars to guzzle fuel rather than give economic commute. Sell your UA and go for Swift/Ritz of any car from Suzuki

Answer by Rajesh 07 July 2010

my brother owns uva car. he never complained of low mileage. in case u do not get good service for the problem u r facing, write to the higher ups in general motors. u r sure of getting yr problem solved. my brother did this earlier when he had a minor problem with his vehicle. i own own spark since two years. the mileage is around 13 kms in city and 16-18 kms on highway. absolutely no problems with my car. Please do not rule out the performance of GM. It opened new factories in india because of the effect of recession in states it tapped indian market. not only GM's thousands of cars manufactured by different countries are not finding customers and they are awaiting to be disposed off at different ports in the world.

Answer by Muralidhar Rao Poluri 07 July 2010

some have taken this piece specific complaint as an opportunity to ridicule and criticise GM which has now come out of bankrupcy. GM india has millions happy customers and as with any other manufacturer have good selling models like spark and tavera and not so good selling models as well.
Please take your vehcle to the GM workshop and get objective checking of FE and if workshop is not able to resolve the problem, escalate to GM Customer care.

Answer by Rakesh 07 July 2010
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