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HI, What are the reasons for heating up the car? Also would like to know what are the problems & side effects may come up due to over heating? This question arized when i drove my Soata from my office till service center which is within 5Kms, Service Engineer said there would be a over heating problem which they need to check thoroughly, i just want to know some probabilities of the problem so that i should not get cheated up. Kindly put ur points & experiences across immediately.
By Swapnil Natu 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

Over heating can arise due to improper circulation of coolant.This could be due to malfunctioning of Thermostat,defective hose pipes,defective auxialry tank cap etc. Apart from this overheating can also arise due to improper circulation of oil which if happens there would be rise in oil level.This can be checked by knowing exact oil level using dipstick provided.
Also malfunctioning of temperature switch can give erratic reading in the temperature indicator of instrument clusture.
During inspection firtst check oil level,hose pipes,auxialry tank cap
, and later on other things related to circulation like thermostat or water pump etc.

Overheating upto certain extent wont cause harmful effects however once you come accross shooting up of temperature in indicator recommended to stop the car,open the bonnet and check for coolant leakage, oil level etc and if both are ok then it can be driven for certain distance.If coolant or oil leakage is there then its highly recommendable to stop the car and call brakedown service.Because there are always chances of seizure of piston due to much overheating.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010


Thanks for such a deep explaintation. I forgotten to describe one thing.
Every time i have noticed one thing. After a journey of around 10 Min, the Temp Indicator rises upto the Little lower to the Half scale & then it's being constant thereafter till the car runs, even when i travelled a distance of 550Kms, the situation was the same & there was no change.

Service advisor has noticed that the engine temp ver. teh distance travelled & stated there would be some problem.

Still i did not get any inputs from their end, i will update you on the same by tomorrow end of the day..

Thanks & Regards,
Swapnil Natu.

Answer by Swapnil Natu 07 July 2010
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