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I am planing to buy a used car. I heard this month is not good for buying cars or new things.Is it true? What will be the best time to buy.
By Mahesh 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

In hindu Calender its Ashada masa from July 12 to August 10th later comes the shravan masa.
Ashada masa plays a significant role in hidu traditions. During this month most significance is given for Marriage proposals or rituals etc which are postponed till Shravan.
Though the same does not imply directly to purchase of the cars etc, People generally avoid starting new ventures.
Hence you can go ahead and buy if available at convenient price and in good condition. You can take delivery of car preferably any of the day like Monday,Wednesday,Thursday,Firday as
Convenient. Any time except Rahu kala on that day.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010


Answer by GAUTAM JAIN CHENNAI 07 July 2010

Superstition thread.This is not hindu tradition but superstition and we should not encourage it. There is nothing wrong with any day/time of the year its just in ur mind and this fear is utilised by those people(so called our dharmik owners) to control u. So let it go, everything and anything, every day and minute/sec god had made is beautiful. SO guys come out of it.

Answer by Varinder Singh 07 July 2010

I am really impressed by the answers of our beloved Shivanna and Gautham Ji. It is really sad to know that the people ignore the traditions of India and blindly follow the western people whom they take as their role models and make the life a living hell. our forefathers were not idiots and never ignored the significance of astrology and they ardently followed it. So it is totally unwise to condemn the age old beliefs as superstition. May God Bless us all.

Answer by Vishoo 07 July 2010


Follow shiv's advice, avoid this west minded thinking, follow our own traditions/hindu philosophy, as these days young educated people are disowning our tradition and following western culture which is very very dangerous for our future generations, thats why more diseases becos of modern junk food culture, body tight cloths, hate to see these young girls and even married ladies wearing all body shaped/tight cloths and looks very very vulgar. please postpone your buy for sharavan month.

Answer by S Joshi 07 July 2010

Aha!!! Joshi Aware,

tumbaa chennagide tamma jawabu. :)

Answer by Vishoo 07 July 2010

Vishoo avarige namaskara,

Tavu kooda thumba chennagi uttara kodteera, thumba dina aithu, neevu hindu philosophigi hecchhina ottu kodteera alva? howdri navu bharatiaru endigu pashchimatya sanskritigi bele kodabardu. Jai sriram!

Answer by S Joshi 07 July 2010

Jai Shri Ram ... Bharat maata Ki Jai.

Answer by Vishoo 07 July 2010

Please do not buy even groceries. it's not auspicious. Postpone it to next month. Also please give up wearing underwear. Thats western too.

Answer by Prateek Joshi Shastri 07 July 2016

The logic is not working here, you are not buying new things in this month, if a baby born in this month do you people kill that baby

come on people, the rules were written for old generation, when they wrote these rules the place and claimat people job all were diffrent, now we are living in a diffrent world so please prepare your mind. dont be fool by blindly following things.

Answer by Shivam 10 October 2018

shivam super question i was born in themonth. they avoid conceiving in the month .. this is becos the baby will come in summer which causes devlivery issues. There is some science attached to all hindu traditions. I bought a apache in ashad without believing in sch things it brought me a lot of bad luck ...guys pls postpone if u even slightly believe or if ur afraid. ur own fears will cause negativity and then come true...if ur non believer then buy it

Answer by Karthik 06 June 2019

I Booked the car in june month Means before ashadam.... Can i get delivery at ashadamasaam.....Is booking car date is important or Delivery time is Important......

I heard this month is not good for buying cars or new things.Is it true...

What will be the best time to buy .....

Could you please suggest me Booking Date is important or Car Delivery Date is Important........

Answer by S.Reddy 07 July 2019

I think car buying is a project. Your booking date is beginning of the project. If you finish this in ashada is not considered as beginning but ending. So delivery ok in ashada

Answer by Realtime 07 July 2021

Logic is not everything there are factors beyond our reasoning we should clearly understand that our power and knowledge is limited if logic is that powerful then we should be able to predict the future accurately theory of determinism having said that we cannot ignore logic because the I consciousness is still present so we need wisdom when to use logic and when to use other modes of knowledge in making decisions, and we will never know whether the decisions we take are right

Answer by Sundar 07 July 2021
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