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I have a santro gls bought in sept.09. Maxm. mileage I got so far is 14 in city. Now It is giving 10-11.Two services have been done.Run for 4500km.How can I improve upon the mileage. Pls. help

Cars get free after 20000 km running. the tyres get set after 5000 km. So do not worry if u get less milage now. Getting good milage depened upon many factors. Can I ask few questions to you.
1. What car previouslly you were driving.
2. Do you drive with clutch pressed unnecesserely many times.
3. What gera you drive maxm time.
Do you use breaks frequently.
Did u check hand break position after starting the car.
Please follow the std operating procedure steps and do make it a unconscious habbit. Like put car in neutral. Switch on starter. Put on seat belt. Press clutch and Put gear in 1st position. Release hand break fully.Release the clutch slowly and accelerate slowly. Modern cars like Santro GLS cat be driven in first gear without accelerating. Do follow it and make it a habbit. On turning dont press clutch, press clutch only to gear change and then release it.

Keep tyre pressure slightly on higher side so that there is no drag. Under inflated tyre losses on milage.

Try to drive as much as possibel in top gear i.e 5th gear .when you get at least 1 kn free road. Reason I shall explain in my next mail.
Happy driving
Release clutch padel

Answer by BIJAYA KUMAR MISHRA 07 July 2010

hi, thanks. I want to know how use of clutch reduces milaege.In city traffic or during turnings, we(atleast I) use Clutch to temporarily halt the it bad for Milaege?

Answer by Ranganath G 07 July 2010
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Please check thereview below for complete details on getting best of fuel efficiency.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010
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