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If Polo is a better vehicle,why do we see more Figo on road ? How about maintainance cost comparatively ?
By Pankaj 07 July 2010

simply figo is an excellent car with all features in a competitive price.drivability and handling to is only suggestion is to ford is please expand your service network considering the sale of figo like hot cake.

Answer by Shankar Ramachandran 07 July 2010

Some people here speaking polo german...but i think even figo is made out of best sold & successful european fiesta platform ..figo has more features at less price..polo is expensive & yet to get proven in Indian roads..where us figo is already proven with fiesta its sedan variant...sure polo will have higher maintenance cost .as spare cost is also function of car cost...polo looks like hyundai getz..figo has unique striking look on road...

Answer by Sam 07 July 2010

polo is the best car in that segment. The production rate of polo is less compared to figo because the construction of production unit not completed.So its take more time for delivery. And figo is cheaper than polo. Maintainance cost wil slightly increase for polo compared to figo

Answer by Arjun 07 July 2010

Hi pankaj,

Polo is bit high costlier than Figo and figo is hot selling becos it has got cute look than polo with advanced features, volksgan is still not much demand in Indian car market not as Ford, even though Ford cars bit more maintenancewise, but Figo is very much advanced car and very much competetively priced.

Answer by S Joshi 07 July 2010

s joshi, Figo looks rubbish, ugly horrible, you need to get your eyes checked it does not look cute from any angle. And what advanced features are you talking in Figo there is NOTHING advanced. Pankaj one reason is the limited amount of dealerships for VW. Although here in Pune I see more Polos than Figo. Also Pankaj Indian people always prefer ugly cars otherwise why would Maruti cars sell.

Answer by Ashu 07 July 2010

Yes Polo is better than worse :-)

Answer by Rajesh Patel 07 July 2010

Simple Ford is familiar than VW in Indian market (forget Skoda)and Figo is cheaper than Polo.

Answer by Panicker 07 July 2010

Hi Mr.Ashu,

Luxurywise Polo might be superior but it has got 3 cylinders whereas Figo has 4 cylinders, and turning radius is little easy for Figo(as agaisnt polo's 4.97m it is 4.90m) and most of all other features are same for both but pricewise little more dif, the petrol ver for polo range between 4.35 to 5.7 lacs whereas for Figo it is 3.6 to 4.5 lakhs a big diff of almost a lakh for basic model.

Answer by S Joshi 07 July 2010

polo is the German technology hatchback car famous for it,s reliability engine, but it cost more than ford figo .figo is good looking,less expensive car .figo higher version has more feactures than polo basic model & both are of same cost. volksgan has not more service stations in india & has less production plant also.for indian cities figo is the best .

Answer by Debasish Jena 07 July 2010

The Polo is a much better car compared to the Figo.German cars a renowned for their sturdiness and reliability.

Answer by Robin 07 July 2010

Rajiv, if you find my ans childish, why don't you elaborate on the SO CALLED FEATURES ??, if you are talking about features the Chevy Beat has more than any of these cars put together.

Answer by Ashu 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

Figo has received tremendus response due to competitive price and good interiors combined with decent styling. VW polo has also received good responce but the price range is bit higher and so do waiting period. There good lot of Polo available on road in Bangalore

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

i find mr ashu's answer funny and childish ,figo might not be your choice mr ashu but you cant call it rubbish and horrible ,it is the first time ford has offered feature rich car at such a competetive price in india and that is the reason its selling like anything.

Answer by Rajiv 07 July 2010

Mr ashu
id definitely love to elaborate on the features but i dont think i need to do it for somebody who's more interested in arguments than accepting the facts .as far as chevy beat is concerned it is a very good car and it is for the first time chevy has acheived the numbers after its launch but that does not prove that figo is an ugly ,rubbish and a horrible looking car as you have called is a complete value for money car and this can be proved by the number of bookings .

Answer by Rajiv 07 July 2010

A lot of statements seem absurd to me. Every brand of car has a character of its own and comparisons with other cars are not relevent. Figo gives value for money, within the reach of the target group, incorporates a few fancy features which people love, looks cute, handled easy and now it is FORD's responsibility to expand the service network and sustain the patronising of the public. Maruti and Hyundai sell because of their excelent service backup not because of their state of the art machines.

Answer by Daniel 07 July 2010

Pankaj, i believe you should listen to yourself isnspite of asking of advice from others than the experts.If you think POlO is the car of ur choice then go for it and if you think Figo is the one you were looking for then go for Figo apart from these two hatchbacks there are many other like PUNTO,RITZ,i10,i20,jazz,fabia,aveo and etc etc.So you have much more options in front of you than POLO and FIGO.

Answer by Anu 07 July 2010

Polo has better build quality and handlng dna is almost the same...but the difference is in the price.
maintenance costs are much lower in the case of ford figo than vw polo.
if you are ready to spend 6 lakhs then get polo but for anything around 5,figo is the best option....

Answer by Nirvick 12 December 2010

Polo is great car built quality interior style is good, on the other hand if I get figo, or Tata, Maruthi cars for free also I won't take.. Figo is a toy car

Answer by Rahul 08 August 2012

Ford either has to work on the suspension or raise the ground clearance in case of figo...Horrible experience in a figo on the speed breakers..

Answer by Jairaj 12 December 2012
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