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i want to sell my scorpio 2008, vlx top model, 60,000 mileage...olive green color...faridabad regd...mhawk engine....what price can I expect??if any one genuine interested thn call me at 9910405251..
By Dipanshu 07 July 2010

what is the milage you are getting? is it regularly serviced/whetehr it was on use? am from ahmedabad

Answer by Mathew 07 July 2010


Answer by Lalit 10 October 2010

All Viewers and subscribers of cartrade India...Beware of Dipanshu, the person who has posted this question... He is a used car dealer from new delhi and always uses this site to sell his cars without wanting to spend money on advertisements. so tries to pretend ignorant and innocent.Hhe knows the value of the car much better than us. Its the gimmick that he is playing on this site. we have to kick out such people who instead of gaining knowledge are misusimg this site to make money.

Answer by Kim 10 October 2010

in tht case i will buy ur car for 150000

Answer by Varinder Singh 10 October 2010


Please dont post this kind ads in question & answer column let this fellow put it on your selling column, and being owner of this forum u are the best judge to decide about some non sense posts and irresponsible answers etc., please avoid all these in futre. Hope u take it in positive manner. Many thanks.

Answer by S Joshi 10 October 2010
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