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Sir presently am using Maruti 800 of 2003 and my daily travel is 25Km per day am very much craze about Scorpio and a new one is not fit in my budjet. I have a budget to Rs. 5 lac + exchange value of my existing Maruti 800 for a new procurement. am in deliama whether should opt for new mid size cars like vagon r or Rits or SWIFT and buy new scorpio when funds accumulated thats say after 4-6 years. or it is worth to buy a second hand Scorpio in good condition at this budjet, am planning to keep atleast 8-10yrs. what would be the average maintaince cost of scorpio? if I buy scorpio, I would like to use the same once or twice in year for a long drive of aprx 2000km one way. am 33 yrs old and of family of 2+2. my questian is rather emotionaly attached and seeking your kind guidance to clear my deliama in my purchase decision. would take vehicle on finance of 4-5yrs only
By Mathew 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

For the usage mentioned and budget range. Though scorpio is good in performance the maintenance cost would be much. As you are going for car loan, it would be worth buying a new diesel Version car like Ritz or a Tata Indica Vista which is reliable, good mileage, can be used for long drives also.Going for new car has advantage of warranty coverage and comfort of enjoying a new car.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

Sir, New Scorpio is a good vehicle, But the cost of maintanance is very high also high in fuel comsumption & if you go for second hand it will be very hard to maintain, specially in money aspect, on the other hand Ritz & Vista Quadrajet are good cars goes arround 20 KM/L with AC on, even the pick-up is very good with AC on, very easy to maintain, also the impration of new car will be better than second hand. (GO FOR RITZ OR VISTA AND STAY HAPPY).

Answer by Jagjit Singh 07 July 2010

thanks lot Shivaji and Jagjitji

Answer by Rajan 07 July 2010

Dear Mathew,

for 23 K.M/ Day petrol car will be a good option Volks wagon Polo petrol will be good option, German engineering and reliablity, if you want diesel go for Punto Diesle Great city nd high way car.


Answer by Siva 07 July 2010

sir why dont you opt for xylo as this is also a mahindra product and with little extra it will fit in your budget.

Answer by Shree 07 July 2010

I own a scorpio, 2006 model, done 61000 kms as of this morning. My expense till date have been minimal, the quarterly service is around 2000 - 2500 rs. maximum with oil change other wise just the washing charges. The car is now our of the extended warranty, and just spend rs. 4000 on small expenses like aircon service etc.I haev driven this car mumbai - goa non stop and run teh car for 3 hours plus every day in mumbai trafic. This is a misconception that scorpio is a high maintenance car and let me assure you that it is not true. This car gives me a average of 9 to 10 km/liter in mumbai city traffic which is worse than any other city. I wish to sell this car and buy the new M Hawk. I am asking for 5 lacs for this mint condition car. Full service history with the authorised dealer from day one of purchase. The Mahindra senior executives ( MAharashtra zonal mamanger) have been themselves supervising the car maintenance since the last two years. Mr. Singh Please stop giving wrong information to gullible people, they write to get the truth bcoz they have all sorts of mis conceptions and wrong info from road side mechanics. Mr. MAthew CAll me 02261404900 if interested.

Answer by Jahangir Yarkhan 07 July 2010

mr. mathew, i dont recommend you to buy a scorpio, as you drive an 800 only now. grow up gradually, buy an alto, then ritz, then an sx4 , always be a maruti family , it is good to own and enjoy low maintanence...

Answer by John Panicker 07 July 2010

Hi Mathew !
I have read all answers to your question. I had a scorpio of 2004 model till I switched over to a Innova two months ago. Please accept the offer made by Jahangir Yarkhan. I fully endorse with his comments. Scorpio, is not an expensive vehicle to maintain. It is wonderful to drive, very comfortable and for heaven's sake do not let anybody compare it with Ritz or any tata make vehicle. Please accept the offer. Incidently, hope the scorpio in question is a CRDe. MATHEW, GO FOT IT PRONTO !!

gopal chettri

Answer by Gopal Chettri 07 July 2010

Hello Mathew,

Most of the people own maruti, so they have fair idea of its maintenance costs.. but they simply poke their nose on matters concerned to Tata & Mahindra vehicles - of which they have no idea at all.

Do your part of research by asking your neighbours & friends who own Mahindra Scorpio. Also visit service centres & check cost of services & commonly used spares / consumables. (like air / fuel / oil filters, engine oil, accident repair parts etc)

Mahindra Scorpio has trouble free operational life of 10 to 12 years when maintained well. I have driven Scorpio for 4years & its trouble free. Its one of the best vehicle in its segment.(dont compare with a 800cc 4 seater vehicle but)

Buy less used (around 50000kms run) & post 2005 model vehcle, it should come in the price range of 4.5 to 5.5 lakhs. enjoy driving.

Answer by Bipin 07 July 2010

thanks freinds for all of your valuable inputs. am in ahmedabad and seriously thinking to decide on which car to be owned. thats the reason I have put my diliama in this forum where i can get inputs from various people either they are experts or actual users who might have passed through such deliama. it is not true that every people come on this forum with questain are poking their nose in cars of different segments. also it is not practially possible to salary people to buy each segment car and gradually grow to upper segment. only 3-4 times might be people in salary class buy vehicle in their life. so lets live and enjoy thanks lot once again and inputs from all of you making me to decide on used scorpio rather than going for new veh.

Answer by Mathew 07 July 2010
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