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I have 2years old SX4. mileage sucks in bombay just around 8-8.5 in sx4. Thinking of fitting CNG kit(multipoint sequential kit or close loop).Kindly advise whether it effect the engine.The dealer saying with modern CNG kits power loss is max 10% without any jatka as in old kits.The new kits come with TAP, lambada which controls the gas flow thus gives equal pleasure in driving. If put sequential kit which cost around 60k and is the best in CNG kits (the acts like MPFI gas system). According to one school of thought CNG enhances engine life as no carbon, sludge.Kindly advise guys.
By Manav 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

Going for CNG kit is a good decision provided you are using the car regularly and for long distance travels.Considering the total investment, and overall mileage you will be getting,and considering performance of SX4, it wont be worth going for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

Thanks for the reply Mr. Shiva.the close loop cost 30000 with tap and lamda. my running is 30-40 km daily.Moreover CNG gives average of 12 in city and 14-16 on highway while petrol is 8-9 kml.So i can easily recover my investment in less than one year.Kindly advise?

Answer by Manav 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

Considering the usage and investment cost, it will be worth going for the same.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

I had a SX4, ZXI model for three years, amd just trade it in for SX4 with automatic tranmission, with the previous car I averaged 9 to 10kpl in town, and 15+ on Pune Mumbai run, personally I think you are not using 5th. gear, which would improve your average. I also disagree with the 'experts' opinion, there is one moret hing to go wrong, and you are not taking into account tearly maintanance of CNG. It is your car you should decide.My automatic gives 15 kpl on highway-expressway. Regards

Answer by Minoo Shroff 07 July 2010

Bombay driving experience is max 3 gear or may be forth for seconds.Pune is more open roads than bombay so FE better over there.More-ever there is no maintenance expenditure in CNG.In fact engine is more cleaner since no carbon sludge thus it requires low oil change frequency.although the pick up gets lower but with more advance kits with advancer and lambda the loss of pick up is max around 10%.the moist of engine is less in CNG thus u run 2-3 kms early morning to moist the engine and another drawback also tank capacity in cng is only 9 kg.I have a friend who has converted his accord/corolla into CNG and is doing well since last 3-4 months and have few reviews online that CNG in sx4 is a success.People in surat/Delhi have run thousands of KMs on CNG without any problem

Answer by Varinder Singh 07 July 2010

Hi Shiva, I have currently Zen DI.., I liked this car so much and i do not have any complaints. Only thing is that i can't have long drives as i am 5.12 height and for long drive my legs will pain a lot. That the reason i am looking to change for a new car and i am planning for i20(D) or Dezire (D).
Could you pl suggest me which one is the best in city drive and I will drive like 600 Kms/ month.

Answer by Krishna 07 July 2010
Expert`s comment:

Among i20 and Swift Dzire, Swift dzire has the advantage of bootspace and hence advantages of a sedan and value for money.I20 is stylish premium hatch back and price is bit on higher side compared to what it offers. To select one Swift Dzire would be a better option.

Answer by Shiva Shankar 07 July 2010

Hi! Krishna,
Am intrstd in yr Zen DI. Pl contact me 09871869191 sub 2 Shivanna advice

Answer by V Prakash 07 July 2010

Hai krishna (Zen D1 owner)
Pls take the test drive of both the cars and decide.My suggession is go for a test drive of logan also it is a very good strudy car with low cost maintainence and more milage . Now it is owned by mahindra so service is not a problem .Pls take the test drive

Answer by Thomas 07 July 2010

CNG is successful in SX4. I am using Lovato close loop with TAP & Lambda. Getting amazing 23 km/kg average.

Answer by Kaushik 06 June 2011
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